“So beautiful...but the cost.”

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An OGT community member, Kris Smith Purnell, wrote the above to us. She is not alone.

We feel you. All of you. Who would love to buy the clothes and comment about price. May I express with you where we are coming from?

It’s a different relationship with value over price, as the hand-stitched, Artisan-made in LA clothes we create will be with you not for seasons, for life. And rather than something you will wear every now and then, we hear from countless that once our fabric touches your skin, & our pieces conform to your form, they become part of your daily uniform to wear again and again. To live in, sleep in.

The mic drop adage goes:

“the least expensive piece you own is what you wear all the time."

It’s also musing to think about other things in our life we spend money on that don't provide near the consistent “feeling connection” of what connects - or disconnects - us to our largest organ - our skin. Our golden philosophy is to remind us how delicious our existence is, what's golden inside. A purchaser of a duster wrote to us without a hint of hyperbole that "if my house was on fire, and my duster was in sight, I would grab it as I ran out the door." She went on to say "it's a part of me."

We are committed to our craft, in benefit service to humans and our planet - every regenerative tree fiber purchase plants a tree.

And lastly, there is that thing about ethics and integrity to share boldly:

What is the real cost of that lower price item we are conditioned to buy?

Made oversees, unfair wage, with plastics and other unnatural elements perversely impacting the planet. Few realize the hall pass of all hall passes is the fashion industry - among the most polluting industries that is making the planet and people sick with the race to the bottom of price.

We are here to unf*ck fast fashion, in the most golden way. A return to nature, sourced and made ethically, with simple clothes you wish to wear on the daily, is what now luxury looks like - hand-crafted, small batch, and deliciously for life.

Thank you for receiving. Buy, don't buy, either way, we would welcome you to join the lovestyle spirit of planetary regeneration: Business that gives back more than it takes to make.

I am Jeff Scult, I am my sacred brand, dedicating my life to the principles expressed above.

It would be an honor to hear from you that while we might be among the most expensive things you've purchased,  you feel we are the least expensive thing you own. No pretense, value for life over seasons. 

And with all this said on value, we are dedicated to making our hand-crafted fashion more accessible - the tree shirt has been lowered from $108 to $88, and we have a big announcement coming soon that will be pleasing for your wallet to hear.

One Golden Thread is the most challenging rewarding journey of my life. Impervious to the curves and challenges. This journey is for me as natural as it is to wake up and breathe.

No plan B. Only plan G. (Golden)


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