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The Nature Wrap

The "so cozy" blanket-scarf with 108 other "self-swaddle" uses. Like a sarong, saright for life.

a feeling of interbeing

"Nature naturally heals."~ Deepak Chopra

Consider the same life force that runs through you runs through all other living beings - including nature.

Our take is to create with a "super-natureal" feeling, an ethically-cozy blend of sublime softness, strength, and breathability, consciously-crafted into timeless uniforms for conscious living.

We stand for "regenerosity":

Every purchase replenishes, planting a tree.


a treeshirt, not a tshirt

sustainably-sourced from the original vintage - Mother Nature - a reimagined, flattering design for the Jedi in all of us, and...

"TREESOME" limited edition

a 3-pack at just $47 / shirt ($141 for a 3-set). guaranteed to be your new fav tees.

receive 3 tees ~ plant 3 trees


Roll cozy ~ from the streets to the beach to the sheets, self-love the hell out of yourself, hugged by Nature's Cashmere.

Nature PILLOW Cases

the softest case for your face ~ the smooth ninja move as you move, nomadaboutit. Sleep as a dream.



we align to design with artists, influencers, community builders, musicians, photographers, who share a collective vision for a world in connection and love.

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A first listen to "So Golden" by Colin Martin