Ode to Golden Souls: A legacy of love

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* A personal ode and loving memory from our OGT Founder in celebration of International Women's week, as we honor all those who lead in love and eternal light *

It was 367 days ago that sh** got pandemic real for the planet. Newsflashes of numerous deaths across the country (and around the world) by a virus we knew nothing about. The day Tom Hanks and his wife fell ill while halfway across the world. The stock market plummeting. An NBA player testing positive. Each day growing more ominous than the one before, each a new marker revealing the seemingly sinking boat we all found ourselves in: an official global scale affliction. We were in the beginning of a Pandemic. Our lives collectively changed that 12th day of March 2020.

For me, a profound, irreversible change occurred two days earlier.

Artwork by Arlene Offer Scult, Mother & Muse

I whispered in my Mother's ear "It's okay to go, you are home, you are love, you are light", over and over again. At 3:24am, I had the noble honor of holding her chest as the one who brought me into the world took her final breath. An exhale that was so peaceful, so transcendently loving, that any last vestiges of my own personal bullsh*t exhaled with it. As ever and always inspired by my Mother, I too felt a calm peace wash over me as I shared this final moment with her. 

Of all the pieces of my Mother's incredible legacy of fine art which fused Nature and us as one, this piece - which I only have in photographic form - is the embodiment of One Golden Thread's mission. I call this piece "Mother Earth Art Nature".

Here is what I learned from Arlene Offer Scult from the twisted gift of her Alzheimer Journey; as you come into your renewed self within this planetary reset, perhaps the lessons may also speak with you:

  • To be patient - beginning with yourself.
  • To have perspective - because the thing is never the thing, it's our relationship to the thing.
  • To be present - all we have is the present moment, the rest is a distraction.

Mom, your creative artistic spirit continues to muse mine, your laugh continues to lighten my life, we will always continue to word play together, and every time I need your inner-guidance, I hear the sound of your sweet voice, and the words you journaled, reminding me to always self-love myself ...

Me at 8, my Mother at 38

“Be honest, be gentle, be kind. Then you can love every one.” - Arlene Offer Scult, Mother & Muse


To all my sisters & brothers...

Never forget, we do not exist without our mothers ~ love hard the woman in your life that gave you yours.

Know with love that the colors of OGT's threads are inspired by the Earth rainbow of colors of my Mother's beautiful art. Always the muse, her legacy of love is weaved into everything we do. Thank you for being on this golden journey with me..

With love, 

Jeff Scult

Founder, Catalyst, & Son

One Golden Thread

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