The origins of the now rapidly expanding One Golden Thread eco-style brand was rooted in something much deeper than clothing. It began as a self-love & self-expression movement when founder Jeff Scult left a commercially-successful company he co-owned to follow a calling, traveling the world sharing his spoken word prose HUMANIFESTO, reminding others of something that he had forgotten for most his life - that we each possess power & peace in our truest authentic nature...the "gold that resides inside". As a tanglble gift to world, Jeff had an audacious dream to wrap the globe with a golden thread, and one by one, he tied golden threads on thousands of wrists in his travels in 11 countries during 2016.

See a few of those ties that bind below...

Expanding on his passion to (re)connect humanity to their own inner-nature, he then visioned "fashioned by nature" elemental clothing with a golden thread weaving through every article of clothing as a natural extension of this expression. In response to a largely synthetic clothing industry that he discovered was disconnecting "feeling" from our largest organ, our skin, Scult sought to offer a somatic connection experience to feel as good as we truly are, and look as good stylistically as we feel inside. To connect humans to their self, to others and the Planet.

And so he set out to craft his own One Golden Thread fabric blend from the most ethically soft, durable, breathable, biodegradable materials to embue this expression of "comfortable confidence". Emblematic of the global nature of the brand, he blended fibers from European Beech Trees with the top 1% of ethical long staple cotton from California family-owned farms, weaving the One Golden Thread signature fabric that in Jersey feels like silky-skin, and in French Terry, feels like Nature's Cashmere.

As a first time clothing designer at age 51, with no formal training, yet a life of nuance appreciation, Scult then crafted clothing he wanted to wear, beginning with his goal to create a reimagined world's perfect tee, and in the process contributing to flipping an extracting and polluting Fast Fashion industry into one that inspires and regenerates.

With its signature, luxiouriously-relaxed & timeless style, and its identifying golden thread weaving through each article of clothing, One Golden Thread garners the attention of the growing conscious collective all over the globe, for those who wish to wear clothing indicative of their living philosophy.

One Golden Thread is a movement of connection, inviting people to be a part of something bigger than themselves. It's all about a healthy connection to self, community and a thriving planet. Individuals around the globe see the threads on another, and it sparks connection and conversation, a shared ethos for living life golden.

One Golden Thread & its Founder Jeff Scult are proud to be a leading voice in the collective thread of what's transcending in the world, to remind that in this "now world" regenerative reality, we return to connection - a renewed understanding that we are not apart from nature, rather we are part of nature itself.

Wear the change you wish to be.

A golden world begins within ~ you.