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Love these threads!

I can’t get enough of these. Definitely some of my favorite clothes!

Perfectly balanced!

This is the best Raglan I have ever purchased and worn! Very, comfortable on both sides, breathable and functional! I’ve worn this in 48 degree and 68 degree weather and it works great for both here in Ohio! I have two and will buy the third! Great for our planet and USA jobs! Customer for life! Good Vibes!

Love this shirt

So very comfortable!!

comfortable able well....

my new GTP.... comfortable and stylish. nice work mr scult


Thank you so much for my face wrap. I feel like I can actually breathe. And I feel like I can blast people with a little more love whenever I have to wear it. Bless up

Legit. All I can say...

I mean, I can say a bit more. Super comfy with a great fitting cut. I’m 6’5, 230 and the Large fits perfect. This styles as a long sleeve Henley on me but if it was a bit longer, I could tussle it up a bit and stylize each sleeve. That said, I am now waiting on the new XL to try out. Compliments a-go-go. I picked up the new greenish one as well just because it was in stock. Can we get red like the shirt in L or XL please? It’s a favorite color and only having it in M makes me jealous.

Super Comfy

Love this new shirt. Crazy comfortable. I might have to get one for my GF.

Tree Pant
great gift to my husband

this was a gift to my husband. He loves them. Now I want to order for myself.

Total comfort!

Just received my raw v tree shirt, and I love it! I am 5'10 and ordered the medium. It fits just fine but a little snug, as I am somewhat of a muscular build. Will be ordering again in a large. Wonderful products!

Traveling in Celestial Garments

I just made a 350 mile road trip wearing my Tree Pant & Top. The ride felt flawless + smooth. Time seemed to stand still and space felt illuminated. I cannot help but feel that traveling wearing OGT blesses one with inner and outer freedom. It’s as though one is being adorned with celestial garments to honor who we truly are ✨🙏🏾✨

Most comfortable shirt EVER…and feeling sexy too.

Not quite sure why no one else has ever figured out how to make a shirt feel this good, but kudos to OGT. The way the fit and fabric sit on my shoulders is really rad. Not only feels good on my body but the cut is amazing and super flattering…a big fan.

I’m a new Man

The clothes are changing my life!! I’ve never been so comfortable, felt so good, and looked so good all at once. OGT is replacing my whole wardrobe!!

108 Talisman

Love it so much i bought two

I love the black one so much i bought the white one. Now Sage?? Damn, guess I need that one too.

Thread of Threads; Love Incarnate

Step down, consciousness, into the thread of threads,
And arrive into homeless home,
Where restorational clarity begets solitude and comfort.
Don the skin of your skin, the embrace of your self,
And know you are whole.

Thank you, OGT, for what you have brought forth into and for the world, and us all. Thread are the garment born of love, and the quality and detail resonates.

Love and light,


Fantastic shirt

The most comfortable shirts ever. Will definitely be ordering more!

Perfectly unique

Truly my fav. I put a few drops in my hands, rub them together, inhale the gold sensuous aroma and place both hands on my neck. My treat to me several times a day. I do get a ton of compliments which doesn’t hurt. “Omg you smell so yummy”. Truth.

Like wearing a cloud.....

The material on this face wrap is so soft! its like having a cloud cover your face... not that I really know what that feels like :) I have purchased three of these now and have given one as a gift!

Subtle and beautiful

Perfect eye-catching wrist wear to spread the love message!

WOW! Fall asleep so fast.

Yes these pillowcases are VERY soft. They also stay cool and are stretchy so it makes the pillow sort of cradle your head. But honestly I do not know why I have been falling asleep faster using these pillow cases. My partner was like "You go out like a light now" this is HUGE benefit to me because sleep is my enemy. I can never fall asleep fast I always toss and turn listening to him snore while I think about everything in existence lol. Maybe it is just knowing all the good that goes into these pillowcases combined with how cozy they are. Just so happy with these. Totally worth the cost.

Mini nature wrap

This piece is beautiful, wearable art that enhances the space around you.
So much more than a scarf: incognito office blanket, hood and mask, a dance flag for ecstatic dance.
Like every OG thread, you can feel the love.

Another knockout creation ~ gorgeous new crew

I'll admit it: I'm not the biggest crew neck fan. But I can't wear V-Necks all the time, occasionally I need something a little more understated.

Boom: enter this gorgeous new crew that is not only stylish and suuuper comfy (like all OGT stuff), but is also able to be worn to just about every function I can imagine.

The details come out when you look closer, and rather than yelling "hey, look at me", it whispers "I look fly as all hell, and we both know it".

Maybe my favorite aspect is being able to flip it "inside out" to show the raw edges of the shirt, when I'm feeling a bit more expressive. When it's button down time, slip it back to its clean, hidden stitch side.

Another knockout creation. Only thing left to decide is whether to get one of each color, or two more Olives so I can wear it every darn day.


Wow, i dint normally respond like this. But these pants are amazing. Litterally wearing them now. I am so happy i got 2 pair so i can always have a pair that are clean! Haha


I need the whole line...yes&thank you...

The best shirt ever

Found one golden thread on social media, bought one and never changing brands.