108 of your musings made us chuckle;
3 made us blush;
All pride full.

We cherish every one. Thank you for reminding us of our "Why":

To mindfully-craft threads, designed to remind you are golden inside.


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Amazing fit

Love how it looks on me and the material is so soft + comfortable!

Long Sleeve Raglan
timothi cox
a blossom in the desert of sustainable fashion!

one golden thread is blossoming in the desert of the unsustainable clothing industry that would disconnect us all from the clothing baby earth so duly & lovingly offers. support this brand & support this brand & again! support this brand! — timi.cox.


So comfortable and stylish. A must staple for everyone.

Ready to relax?

Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, smiles awake you when you rise.

Pillow cases are simply perfect. Different than any other pillow case I have used. We have bamboo sheets, and these pillow cases have just the right friction coefficient to stay nicely in place. The material lays nicely, so no wrinkles that leave those annoying face prints when you wake up in the morning. The material maintains a good temperature, not too hot or cold. Worth the price for sure.

Soft soft, great fit!

These "am I even wearing anything" shirts are worth the premium price tag! I also like supporting American made products! l when possible :). They are so light and airy AND the fit is very flattering! It's sweltering heat in NYC, so the heat and humidity is unforgiving even when the sun is setting. Though on evening walks I'm still comfortable. I'm a petite woman and some unisex shirts can be very boxy on me. Not the case here! The rounded hem is flattering and give booty coverage if needed. I also like the color variation between these shirts and the "classic crew"! I'll be saving up for more!

In Love

These are the pants I have been looking for my whole life! I live in the desert where temperatures are easily over 108° and I can comfortably wear these pants, but when I go indoors and the a/c is set at 50° they keep me cozy. Really amazing!! They also suit my life style in, body work and wellness, perfectly. I will definatley be getting a few more.

Raw V Tree Shirt
Wayne Bendistis
Raw V Shirt

Looks good and feels good

Tree Pant
timothi cox
sustainably solid!

these pants are like a glove for the legs! sustainably solid & so much more! i need 2 pairs! don’t think twice to purchase a tree pant from onegoldenthread!

Tree Pant
Natural materials feels like nature

I really enjoy the fit and feel of these pants. A statement of the individual who wears the pants with style and confidence.

Tree Pant
Jasmyne Aseff
Cozy, fun

I bought several pairs of these for my husband & I, in addition to two of the long sleeved, reversible shirts. Once he got past his horror at the price, he had to agree with me, these are very cozy & comfortable. The raw edges & inconsistent texture of the pants threw me off initially - but then I remembered they’re hand made & that makes sense with handmade stuff. The fabric is nice, they are very comfortable & stylish for all genders. The only thing that may have me shave a piece of a star off, or maybe dim it’s shine, would be the price. It’s extreme.

Long Sleeve Raglan
Edward Warren
Absolutely love it

Very well made, stylish and functional. I’ll be back for more.

You are art.

Wear the art that speaks to you so it can speak through you to someone else. Like everything OGT, this piece is beautiful, beyond cozy, and at the same time pure, nature-all, performance gear.

Tree Pant
Benjamin Joerg
Comfy as hell!

Love the look and feel and fit is even better - compliments all over the place!

Raw V Tree Shirt
Michael McClintock
Great shirt

I’ve ordered 4, love them, I wear size medium, the last v neck was for sure a large, no sizing tag. Great product!

Raw V Tree Shirt
Anastasia Jaegerman
Phenomenal awesomeness

Where to start…got my OGT tree shirt and what’s not to loooooove I went to work in it came home did yoga in it and didn’t want to part ways with it dropping it ever so gently in the laundry basket with a sigh of content, knowing that I must now get more. The quality and feel of this golden thread is phenomenal awesomeness ✌🏼⚡️Well done Jeff and your amazing team for bringing OGT to life ! You, we are all Golden indeed ✌🏼Be well! AJ xoxo

New Classic Crew
Jordan L Warren Jr
Yes. I am enjoying the new beechtree fabric

The fabric is so luxurious

Raw V Tree Shirt
Josh Pais
Classy and comfortable

Great products. Great T-shirt. Unique and sexy.

Tree Pant
Sam Ayala
Tree Pant Review

I received the pants and they are comfortable, well made, and a great fit with quality finishing touches. Thanks a mil! Great product! 🥰

Tree Pant
Benjamin Goldman
Favorite Pants

I got my tree pant angler anxiously waiting for 4/5 weeks and they were better than I expected. The quality of the fabric, they stitching and the overall design is great. I wish they had a lower sticker price I would buy 3 more pairs and only wear these pants.

Tree Pant
Truly amazing in every way

I never imagined a pair of pants could be so perfect, so comfortable, and make me feel so good. Every detail is perfectly thought out. Believe me, I’ve tried to critique where they could be improved and I can’t find one flaw or thing I would change. The material is so crazy soft, yet feels durable. It keeps me cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool. I love the fact that it’s one size. So whether I lose 10 or gain 10 they will always fit. As a man having so much breathing room down there is amazing. When I put on normal pants now I feel like my body is in a prison. The zipper is crazy high quality, which is a small detail that really makes it for me. The exposed seams are so cool and besides all that I just love how they look. And the best part is there is no restriction of movement. Even yoga pants meet with some resistance, but with the tree pants you have absolute freedom to move however your body desires. It’s literally hard for me to put on any other pair of pants. Pure magic. Every piece of clothing I have from OGT is my new favorite.

New Classic Crew
Kevin Kelly
My 2nd and 3rd shirts

I ordered 2 more shirts after trying the first one. Enough said.

Tree Pant
Matt Spence
Love it

These pants are amazing. Best ever and so comfortable

Tree Pant
Jeffrey Barbour
Like Warm Butter

Softest fabric I’ve ever worn. They feel and look so good I almost feel guilty when I wear them. The details are spot on as they flawlessly span the divide between ultimate familiarity and thrillingly exotic.
Bravo !!!

Buy one today

What a spectacular shirt. So comfortable I’d wear it everyday.


I love the pants. Very well made and literally the most comfortable fabric I’ve ever worn. The design is just what I had hoped. I would love an entire wardrobe of these clothes. I’m so happy about my purchase!