"Born from an artist mother, I've always been touched by art.

It evokes, provokes, lifting our spirits. As visual music, it amplifies culture.

At OGT, we see art not as something to look at on a wall, it is meant to feel, to wear and share.

We make your art wearable. Sacred and natureally. We stand for the HEARTISTS."

- Jeff Scult, Designer & Founder, OGT


We employ best of the best principles and processes to create eco-luxe clothing worthy of your art.

It all starts with our second skin soft to the touch, for-life durable, deliciously breathable, Earth-ethical fabric - TENCEL regenerative Beech Tree.

From there, your canvas is customized. We print using wet digital, the most eco in the business, with no hand to print; we over dye to give unique splashes of color to accent your art, and we cut, sew and finish into our beloved patterns to spread the thread of our aligned missions.

All hand-crafted in DTLA Arts District.

Our designer, Jeff Scult, is with you every step of the way.

"I've always dreamt to make my art wearable, and found a meaningful collaborator in One Golden Thread, whose values for humanity and planet mirror my own. I stand with OGT’s ethos for lifting humanity and nature, and creating incredibly comfortable legacy pieces that feel like an embrace from Mother Earth. We all stand together to make a difference.”

- Kat Benzova, Artist, Activist, Global Citizen