Effortless ease for post-cool souls

Posted by Jeff Scult on

I style things for the post-cool world.

I set out to design the most delicious thing in my closet, and the cheapest thing that would rarely be in my closet. 

The most delicious because the clothes I channeled in co-servitude with Mother Nature are designed to remind you to look and feel as good as you truly are inside. To be kind to yourself.

And the cheapest? Well, the classic adage is true: The least expensive thing you own, is what you wear all the time. I wear it for me. And, it's been an inner pride joy to see that others agree.  

Whether you choose ours or another, we are good both ways: So long as you wear the change you see to be. Wear your heart on your sleeve, don what you love, with good from earth / good for earth fabrics, crafted with ethical creation practices, with a model that gives back by regenerating nature at a greater rate than it takes to make the clothes we create.

Be so golden, from the inside out. Yes, it starts with you.

Our clothes won’t make you golden. You already are. We simply design to remind.

With wishes for our soo-to-be-returning walking cuddle puddles, join us; we are open-to-all who ascribe, to the principles of our one golden tribe.

Just go hug yourself. Yes, it's the most "natureal" thing.

jeffscult, Proud Papa of OGT

ps. What is post cool you ask? I've been thinking about this since 2018, inspired by Badassadors living life golden all around me. Post cool, defined.





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