The Power of Perspective, Patience, and Presence

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Like a mirror, she was my greatest teacher. A guiding light, every moment with her during her final years a reminder to not wander in the past nor wonder into the future, and instead embrace presence, perspective, peace, and just - be.  

Every day, I reflect and cherish my Mother, Arlene Offer Scult. Peacefully departing us this year 2020, no less two days before Covid became real real in March, after her seven of living with Alzheimer’s, I am forever moved by her greatest lesson for all of us:

Throughout our beginning, middle, and end, we are always, and only ever, pure love.

To the millions afflicted worldwide by Alzheimers and other forms of Dementia, and to the families and friends affected, I offer compassion & strength.


Purple is the color of the Alzheimer’s movement towards awareness, prevention and research. Proud to lovingly donate proceeds from all purple-colored One Golden Thread items sold in September 2020 to the Alzheimer’s Association, the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to treatments, prevention, and ultimately, a cure.

My mother's art celebrated that we are nature, never alone. The skin is the leaves of the trees as we breathe, as one with nature.

I humbly feel I am carrying on my mother's legacy through my mission, our shared nature DNA.

Her philosophy was a beautiful invitation - "Be Honest, Be Gentle, Be Kind, and then we can love every one."

And finally, her reminder speaks to the heart of an invitation for how to welcome every moment...

In love, 

Jeff Scult

Founder & forever a student of life


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