I am a witness and I see something

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Nahko is receiving lots of heat right now, yet one of his lyrics pierced me to my core to help me see myself: "I am no master, I know nothing. I am a witness and I see something." 

I visualize my life sitting in circle with you, living in our shared world, listening to understand rather than respond, to always deepen my understanding of the soul of my role.

Grateful to be here with you. These blogs reflect my understanding of the higher systemic issues plaguing people and planet, and the permission to pivot to our new now, to release stuck stories, disrupt extractive endeavors, to reveal the world our heart's are calling forward, and restore what we've always known - the intrinsic connection of self to the natural world.

These blogs share my experience of navigating the waters of my own human condition; I am on a mission to live my life legacy now in complete integrity, after a half a century of going through the motions of doing so. To actually do something here, rather than what sometimes felt like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

I believe we are all a miracle. Including me. Miracles are messy. Self-permission to make a mess.
You are so worthy, and I am honored to learn here with you. And to design cozy reminders for golden souls. Who cares about Sacred Earthwear? I do. It's feels good to feel in, integrity. Every damn cozy 108 seconds.

With self-love, follow your golden thread...

Jeff Scult
Chief Believer, OGT


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