* We're 5 yrs old * here's to your gold

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Jeff here, founder of OGT.

For those on the journey with us since the early days: YOU ARE GOLDEN.

For those on the journey with us since yesterday: YOU ARE GOLDEN.

In celebration of 5 years of gratitude to you - our community of golden souls - I offer a "follow the thread" share of how the heck we got here, and where we're going, together. Feel free to dive into the read, and choose your own adventure if you wish to click to go down a few link golden rabbit holes :)


At the outset, I had no idea this would evolve into an Earth-sourced clothing & life goods company. It all began with a single golden thread that to me, symbolized “interbeing” - obliterating the greatest lie is the illusion of separation, the elemental connection of all things to nature, and the single most powerful piece of wisdom I discovered along my personal healing and revealing journey ...

No matter what life throws our way, we are golden inside, and it is this gold inside us, that is the connective thread that unites us.

As I would tie golden threads first onto my friends, then on countless strangers (soon to be friends) across oceans and continents, a depth of interconnectedness would resonate ever louder, calling me forward into purpose.

Every image, every person, in the beautiful film below (scored by my incredible friend, Biet), sparks emotion inside me each time I watch it, a collective rush of witnessing one by one connect to their inner-gold.

Through the simple wisdom of the golden thread, I was reimagining and reframing my life through an authenticity lens of pure expression, sharing a spoken word "rawthentic af" piece that I wrote about personal pivots & transcendence - a life 2.0 "Humanifesto". What I thought was about me, and my journey, I came to discover was about we, all along. Better together, we share.

And so the rest became history. I discovered a passion for fashion and became a first time clothing designer at age 51.

It humbles  my heart to receive personal messages from the OGT community on how our threads have touched you, that they are indeed just an alibi reminding of something much deeper inside.

Building this benevolent business has had rollercoaster twists and turns, highs and lows, alone moments, yet what prevails five golden years later is a depth of gratitude for the entire journey, pride for what this heartfelt calling has become today, and awe for the many golden souls sharing on this journey with me and my incredible team I am blessed to have by my side.

I am truly honored that you are with us, and I welcome you on this golden road of connection and ReGeneration with us.

Because it is only with your support, that this regenerative community that gives back more to Planet than it takes, is not only our now, but will become our future and our legacy, for (re)generations to come..

Always remember, never forget ~ you are golden. And the gold inside you, is the thread that springs anew. 

Our Truth Story.


Jeff Scult

Founder, Catalyst

One Golden Thread

We're celebrating 5 golden years around the sun with gratitude for you. Shop the CELEBRATION OF GRATITUDE SALE. Our golden offering ends Sunday, 3/21.

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