THE THREAD #10: Spring Re New All - A Message from Jeff

Posted by Jeff Scult on

Hey there golden souls,

Welcome to Thread #10! As always, we've got a lot to cover, so grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let's dive into the magic of partnership, community, and renewal.

First thing's first, I’m thrilled to share our latest tunes.

Our latest Playlist Re New All is here - this might be my favorite :)

Partnership Power:

Partnership is at the heart of everything we do. I'm thrilled to announce our latest collaboration - this one musically - with Feathered Sun lead singer Jo.Ke. Their hauntingly vibey track "Bulbo" will be featured in our 2024 story lines & campaigns, and the band will be proudly rocking OGT on their tour and travels. This partnership is a testament to the magic that happens when the like-hearted come together to co-create something special. See an example below.

Artistic Expression: 

Our latest Art Collection features three stunning art pieces adorned on our Nature Wrap—Fibonacci, Light on Water, and The Manta in Rays. Each limited collection tells a heartwarming story of the artist and creation. And let's not forget about our beloved classics like Yes Fuck Yes and The Love Wrap, re-introduced by popular demand, in another limited collection series.


Product Announcement: The OGT LBD “MICRO-DROP”

Introducing our first piece designed exclusively for the Divine Feminine - the Little Black Dress. With reversible French Terry coziness on one side and silky smooth goldeness on the other, sheer long sleeves, signature Provocateur sheer detailing down one side, The OGT LBD is sure to turn heads wherever feminine energy flows. 

Unveiling exclusively to our community, access the hidden page on the OGT site below to get yours or for your love, and make this micro-drop a mic drop moment before it’s gone! Supply is extremely limited.


Drops of Gold Podcast: 

A lifetime in the musing, I'm beyond excited to announce the launch of my podcast, Drops of Gold. A deep dive with luminaries to uncover and share practical tips and tools for living life golden. I welcome you to join me on this golden journey, the first three episodes drop later in March, available on all podcast platforms.

Below is an advance peek with guest Sanyika The Firestarter Street—I guarantee it will induce chills. Drop me a line with what you think.

Our Ask: Share the Love | We Need YOU

If birthing this business into success has shown me anything, it’s that we can do hard things. And doing hard things with the support of the community is how we thrive.

That's why we've created the Golden Circle, our loyalty and referral program based on the energy of love and gratitude where both you, your close friends & admiring strangers receive a “THANK YOU.” Download your custom digital card below. Each & every time you share OGT with someone new, they'll receive $30 gift off their first order, and you'll receive $30 credited to your account.

Click here to signup for the Golden Circle and download your card.

As we journey forward together, let's remember the power of community, collaboration, and connection. Together, we can create a world that's as beautiful and golden as we are.

With love and golden gratitude,

Jeff 🌟

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