from time to time,

we can all use the reminder:

you are already, and always, golden inside.




This moment is a choice, to rise and realize, no enemy inside. Quiet that riot, is to live life alive.
Right here, I choose freedom from resistance of fear. Swimming in my dark with open eyes, years of fears rise - to wisdom - sparked from my open heart.
Right now, I choose to breathe with my pain. Life lessons revealed, my most powerful human gains.
Every moment I choose to choose love, kindness, and soul, my ego shines, as my quiet hero. My river, my life, flows. Letting go.
Pain to pleasure, imagined failure, euphoric once again. Chasing the light, lost in the dark, this day, I choose to receive those, highs and lows, as illusions just the same.
My past stories that self-judge and self-criticize - could they be just lies in disguise? I choose my current experience as the master guide of my WHY.




Five. Simple. Words: "Love myself, embrace my shadow."
I now allow myself to see, and be seen. Thus, I see you and you see me.
My mind unlocked. My heart unblocked. My voice reclaimed. Three keys released, the alchemist search for answers in others has ceased, opening me, and we, to just be, free. Within that good vibe, I know my lighthouse guides from inside.
And when I stray from my way, the gift of my birth is returned grateful through my inner-nature, and the green and blue grace of Mother Earth.




This tribe? Open. Unified. Electrified, a planetary magic carpet ride. Outrageously courageous, we are ready for this - right here, right now - moment in time.
Self-love - invites and ignites - a shared love.
Whatever your chosen energy source, feel that beacon course through you as your life force.
This emotion - our devotion - in motion.
I love the way we love. We live to love, we love to live.
Awake in the chance, when we stumble, we make it part of our dance.
Our world, we surrender - to love.
Trust, the trust. It's inside us, revealing all around us.
The love that you are is the love that we are, I am Golden, we are all one golden thread.
Lead with love. Be joyful. Live curious, adventure to discover, lifting our lives, as playful lovers...


As you receive, I invite you to see there are no answers. Instead, only gateways to discover yours, to take and make your own.

We are all part of this journey, it's a blessing to be on this ride together.                                

Thank you for receiving.


Jeff Scult | Author, A Golden Humanifesto