Light Warrior : Tiffany

Tiffany is the founder and director of the dynamic non-profit organization Shine on Sierra Leone devoted to promoting thriving self-sufficient communities and rich cultural experiences. She is a lifting spirit that all who encounter her feel the blessed shine of their inner-gold. 
Self-Permission to Pivot?
"Any change one seeks to see in the world, must be embodied within ourselves first. I personally have come to understand that a deep inner relationship built on trust, forgiveness, and authenticity is where our powerful capabilities that lie within all of us ignite. My best understanding to get there was when I began to love the darkest edges of myself, I opened love to others without judgment. I invite every one to join me, as we are all meant to shine, thrive and evolve."
What makes you golden?
"I choose to be boldly committed to love."

Drop Of Gold?
"What awaits on the other side of every challenge and uncomfortable moment that comes your way is what allows your love to prevail."

Why do you choose OGT? 
"It's my second skin. Feels like the earth is hugging me. Thank you for doing the work - it's love. It's what every company should do."
Follow the thread:  Tiffany is a light warrior for peace. Her mission Shine On is one to behold and support.
Tiffany's OGT Look: The unisexy, one size loves all, Fleece Sweater Tree Tee in Shroom Color.

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