Joy + Power Music Man : Alex

The Joy + Power Music Man

Self Permission to Pivot? 
"Seven years ago I was an accountant living in Amsterdam. What burned deep within was to follow my calling to my love of music. I heard the self-doubt talk loud and clear, and ignored those fear-limiting voices to leave the safety of the nest of a well-paying job to enter an industry where less than ".01%" make a living."
What makes you golden?
"My joy + power, which I spread through the world." Drop of Gold?
"Trust your intuition. When in doubt, get out." Why do you choose to wear One Golden Thread?
"I love simple yet stylish clothing that serves our planet in the same simple way. One Golden Thread tree shirts are part of daily uniform." 
Follow this thread: Access Alex's deep + sexy dj sets
His OGT Look:
A raw v black onyx tree shirt. Alex is 6'3" and 175 and wearing a Medium.

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