Alec Vishal Rouben

Introducing OGT Badassador Alec Vishal Rouben: Connection Catalyst & Global Golden Citizen. Alec is a multi-faceted entrepreneur that accesses ranges of impact into communities involving Health, Wellness, Mindset, & Skillset support, and is an advocate for earth stewardship. At the heart of Alec, he is a yogi embodying the practices of yoga and teaching for over 13 years. He has studied yoga all around the world, sat with living masters, and shared the journey on his Yoga Revealed Podcast.

Alec’s individual magic comes from a deep understanding that the capacity at which we love ourselves is directly reflected to the capacity at which we may love another.

What Makes Him Golden: “The Truth I speak that shatters delusion and embodies love,” says Alec.

In 2016, Alec was getting burnt out teaching 15-20 classes of yoga a week for 6 years. He received a deeper invitation to travel the world to study yoga with a master in India. It was at this point he detached from the identity that had held him hostage for so long.

“True service begins when we honor our hearts and we connect the land we co-inhabit,” says Alec.

To honor his true desires, Alec changed industries. By aligning with companies like Purium & OGT, he made the shift into learning about sustainability of the land, the food we consume, our guts, and even the clothes we wear on our bodies.  He gave himself a permission to pivot which also provided him with an opportunity to become more financially free and help others discover this golden way of life.

Why Alec Wears One Golden Thread: “I buy clothes from companies that care for earth & our people. It is my second skin. My confidence amplifies tenfold when I am being hugged by these clothes. Plus, each purchase plants a tree.” Alec is in OGT at festivals, for public-speaking, and anywhere he is promoting life-changing ways to transform life itself. The thread that ties it all together? The shared belief that conscious business can be done in style and divine comfort.

“I constantly wear OGT whenever I am presenting to a crowd online, or on stage, or teaching yoga in studio or at a festival. Nothing has me feel as amplified like the superfoods I consume than the Second Skin I wear via OGT! My Confidence, Clarity, and Intention is felt by all those around me when I speak about these passionate Self-Reliant Healing Tools. Plus, Every purchase plants a tree and earth needs more of that!”

Today, Alec lives in Colorado but travels the world often, sharing the value of his teachings of yoga, sharing the positive ripple effect of putting the right kinds of foods in our bodies, doing deep work in his mens group, Sacred Sons, and deepening men’s work through Sacred Sons: “leading edge of modern Men's Work with healthy, honest and embodied masculinity.” By showcasing his own sustainable food & fashion choices, he encourages other people to self educate on where and how their clothes are made, and what it means to vote with your dollar.

Join Alec in his love for life and fight for peaceful planet; one shirt, one gut, one breath at a time. Connect with Alec and his unique offerings at Alec Vishal Rouben.

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