Healer + Revealer : Harry

Harry is a Shaman who travels the world offering access to the inner world of peace in the midst of the city and all its metropolitan concerns, providing a deep anchor and connection with the power of one’s own Infinite Potential. Harry has the most colorful of pasts, and how he returns us home, back into our present self that is his gift and magic.

Pivot Point? "In the midst of a successful career as an actor, dancer, I began to really listen. I realized my soul’s purpose was to share love for life and for all. I simply followed my flow without resistance to allow the doorways to open, and what revealed inside me was a healer, a coach, and body therapist to guide those that journey into congruence. The answers are all inside. Always inside you. Just listen.

"What makes you golden? "You + Me. The collective "We" is what makes me golden."

Drop Of Gold? "Just let go. If there is only one thing to do in life, it is this. Just let go."

An incredible moment with Harry: "Jeff, you put a lot of self pressure on your self. Why?"I took a deep inhale, preparing to launch into a meaty explanation about service, self drive. No words come out. Why do I put artificial pressure on myself? Fuck. I felt that I was hockey checked into the boards. Harry's question is such a simple and powerful question to all check ourselves on. Ask yourself if you wish: "Why do I put self pressure on myself?"

Why do you choose to wear One Golden Thread? "I have been waiting my entire life for clothes like this. One Golden Thread is the embodiment of being comfortable in one's skin, in sacred compassion with Earth; it's just a delicious vessel to feel connected."Thank you for your gifts to the world, Harry.

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