The 108
The 108
The 108
The 108
The 108
The 108
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The mystical number 108 for centuries has represented the interconnectedness of all things and beings, nature and us as one.

The 108 Talisman was designed to represent service - to self, others, and an infinitely healthy planet. We are all connected, as one golden thread.

Within our remaining handcrafted inaugural batch of Talismans, for every one sold, 108 TREES will be planted in your honor. Plant a love forest in your name.


The 108 Talisman was co-created in collaboration with Jeff Scult, One Golden Thread Fonder, jewelry alchemist Maor Cohen and designers Empact Labs

Maor shared, "Every piece I create celebrates a story. I love the one golden thread story of passion and love from the inside-out, and the 108 embodies that."

Together, we spin infinite love in the world, to reveal hearts aligned, we are all the butterfly effect.

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