The single most important marketing lesson for golden leaders

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It took me half a century to fully embrace my single most powerful marketing lesson - and I learned it in the Second Grade from my dog and dad.

Sam, my childhood four-legged best friend, had worms. We needed to give him medicine by way of a pill.

Never missing a teaching moment, my father says to the young-lad mini me, "Jeff, how do you think you give a dog a pill?"
I excitedly suggested we hide it in Sam's dog food.
My dad smiled-nodded no, gently saying, "Dogs are smart. They will feel the pill, and spit it out."

My father came back with a jar of Peanut Butter. Punctuating the teaching moment of slathering peanut butter where the pill was now unseen, he conveyed my greatest marketing lesson do-gooder brands would be wise to heed if their goal is to break free from extractive patterns and impart new human behavior muscle memories:

"When you need to give a dog a pill, it will only be swallowed when you wrap it in something sweet."

Many marketers talk about the problem. What's wrong. How you must do something or be something, or you will remain part of a less than sect, part of the problem. They talk about either what's ill, or they talk about the pill. Shrouded within this approach is blame and shame. It is low vibration in a non-woo woo sense - there is no dopamine release in the brain.

What happens when we flip the script? To simply present the sweetness of the alternative? Regardless of what one may say, they buy products that make them look and feel as good as they wish to feel inside. And then the do-good elements are what cements the relationship as it align with values. 

The single most important marketing reminder to create easy on-ramps for broader enroll, is to speak to the sweet spot of the brain. More can join. Beneath and within is the medicine, the solution, the impact. We expand the collective, and move from less than to yes and. Everyone swims.

The world is ready for the sweet pill. And here's the meta-thought: We are both the dog, and we are also the pill. We are the medicine. 

I've chosen to dedicate my life to creating this rememory, the sweetest of wrappings, one golden thread.

Our brand was invisible when we talked about the being a fully "sustainable" clothing brand. That is the default. The new given. When we spoke to "second skin" delicious essence, of loving touch which is what we all crave in this new abnormal, eyes opened.

Sam's tail is wagging in Doggy heaven right now, in full peanut-butter-licking agree-ance. 
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Jeff Scult
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