Introducing Drops of Gold

Posted by Jeff Scult on

I birthed One Golden Thread in 2016 out of a dream for all humans to be expressed.
That the gold inside us is the thread to unite us. 
It's your gift to share. And it's our gift to receive.
That dream then wove into a material reminder, to wear threads of nature on the outside, to remind us of our inner nature - aka. our inner gold.
My original life dream with One Golden Thread is now an expanded offering to the world.
I am thrilled and honored to sit in circle with the golden ones, who share their gifts to remind us "how" to live life golden. Not woo woo spiritual. Grounded, practical "spirit full" wisdom to live life golden. 
It's a podcast called Drops of Gold.
I can't wait to share it with your world.
And here's a Drops of Gold reminder to take with you, this day.
You are golden, we are all connected as One Golden Thread.

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