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Fashion is among the Planet's most polluting industries?
​Long receiving a hallpass, humans are waking up to the real real that the clothes we wear are making us sick - both our selves and our planet. Before you gloss over and discount this as hyperbole, here are the fast fashion facts:

​* 80 billion new pieces of clothing are made every year.
​* 87% of clothes will be disposed in a landfill or incinerator within just 18 months. Fast fashion teaches that our clothes are disposable.
​* Only 3% of disposed clothes are made from sustainable fibers; thus, 97% of clothes toxify our soil, plasticized properties leeching into the ocean.
​* 38% of micro plastics in the ocean come from not just tossing - ALSO washing - polyester clothing. Micro-plastics pollute sea life, thus we are eating plastic. Ocean condensation rises, "Nano plastics" airborne, our unchecked future will include breathing plastic.

​This is not an activist rant. It is a proactivist plea.

​Information leads to action. Own less things that you love more. Buy sustainability-sourced products from creators committed to plastic free, fair wage and child-free labor. Back brands that are going beyond sustainability to regenerative practices to replenish and restore, giving back to the eco-system from where it all was borne.

The next vote with your wallet is how we all take a stand. Learn more about a regenerative nature fashion ethos here.

​Wear the change you see to be.
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This arresting image was from Fashion Proactivist Stella McCartney’s winter 2017 collection, modeled against the backdrop of a landfill site. Ms. McCartney is a luminary designing compromise-free: Non-wasteful, and deliciously fashionable. Photograph: Harley Weir and Urs Fischer.

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