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Fashion is on a fast track to becoming the Planet's most polluting industries.
If you are anything like me, I was oblivious to the facts - and the fact that I was part of the problem, buying ego clothes, discarding, or owning extreme excess.
One by one, we are waking up to see the same shit storm the woke clued in to 15 years ago - which led to the to food revolution.
The real real: Clothes, that cute little number, the heavy discount we got on that close out sale, is making us sick - both our selves, the humans compromised, and the planet itself. Before you gloss over and discount this as hyperbole, here are four fast fashion facts:

1.  80 billion new pieces of clothing are made every year.
2.  87% of clothes will be disposed in a landfill or incinerator within just 18 months. Fast fashion teaches that our clothes are disposable.
3.  Only 3% of disposed clothes are made from sustainable fibers; thus, 97% of clothes toxify our soil, plasticized properties leeching into the ocean.
4. 38% of micro plastics in the ocean come from not just tossing - ALSO washing - polyester clothing. Micro-plastics pollute sea life, thus we are eating plastic. Ocean condensation rises, "Nano plastics" airborne, our unchecked future will include breathing plastic.
And we won't even get into the unfair wage act, the child slave labor occurring, also of the same in so many ways dispicible industry.

​This is not an activist rant. It is a proactivist plea. To just tap in for 108 seconds and open our eyes to the true cost, and that we can reveal the world we wish to see based on the principles we live by.
I didn't choose this; it chose me. And while the clothes I design are just an alibi, our mission is to clothe the world golden without wrecking the planet.

​Information leads to action. Own less things that you love more. Buy sustainability-sourced products from creators committed to plastic free, fair wage and child-free labor. Back brands that are going beyond sustainability to regenerative practices to replenish and restore, giving back to the eco-system from where it all was borne.

The next vote with your wallet is how we all take a stand. Learn more about a regenerative nature fashion ethos here.

​Wear the change you see to be.
Go hug yourself.

full-fuck-yes classify Stella McCartney a "Fashion Proactivist". This image is from her winter 2017 collection, modeled against the backdrop of a landfill site. I had the privilege to witness her speak at the Global Sustainability Conference in Copenhagen in 2017; she is an integrity matrix designing compromise-free, waste-less, deliciously fashionable collections. Most def a Badassador of living life golden. (Stella, please call me :) Photograph Cred: Harley Weir and Urs Fischer.

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