Back to The Future: Rewriting Our 2020 Darwinistic Use of Single Use Plastic Masks

Posted by Jeff Scult on

The year is 2024. The dust has settled on pandemics, false leadership has finally been cleared, and humanity takes a moment to assess the collateral toll of our ways. We ask ourselves in hindsight how we could be so kneejerk shortsighted during the year 2020.


In an emergency act to save ourselves, humans wholly discarded any concern for Earth in the process. Billions of additional pounds of single use plastic in the way of disposable masks and gloves were produced, discarded in streets, buried and poisoning our soil, leeching into the Ocean, further toxifying our most precious resource. 2024 studies will show that was already the trend of making ourselves sick - drinking plastic, eating plastic via sea life, and breathing plastic (via nanoplastics gone airborne) - accelerated to a point that we have a global pandemic of another kind - this one irreversible to simply "run its course" as a virus.



Yet in a back to the future moment, we get to go back in time to the Summer of 2020.
Will we wake the fuck up? Our continue to fuck ourselves? 


I'm going to double down on betting on the incredible humans who are grateful to be here, those who vote with their wallet and actions to lean into a human experience of love for self, others and Earth. 
All interconnected, it's all a gift. Including the ability to go back to the future now. Not everyone will come. What's your golden nature telling you?


Our solution to tackle the problem: 
The Nature Face Wrap, a multi-functional, reusable, all-natural, breathable tree fiber, anti-microbial face covering. Every purchase replenishes from where it came, planting a tree. Infinite sustainability.


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