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This feels a fairly easy full-fuck-yes for most humans - to believe there is good in the world. Yet how do we do it: Be The Good in the world?

Perhaps it begins right here, with us first confronting ourselves. Look a bit more deeply in the words displayed on this image. Can you also see it? That also a "LIE IS IN THE WORLD."  
I submit the greatest lie ever told is the illusion of separation. 
I am not talking about between humans. The human divide is real. In fact, more real than ever. In this pandemic, while we are sharing the same storm, we are in different boats. Racial inequality has been the ignored wound for centuries. 
I believe if we are going to address the zoomed in separations, we must also zoom out to address the overarching lie of separation. I am referring to nature and us.
Nature is us, and we are nature. The moment we treat humans and ecology with equanimity, to see ourselves as nature, a one by oneness becomes a frictionless flow of humans treating each other as part of this golden tapestry of broader life. An eco system borne out of an ethos system. To delve deeper into this ethos, we will look forward in future blogs to unpacking the brilliance of the order of Interbeing, 14 principles espoused by Thich Nhat Hanh.
Let go of the lie of separation, embrace we all belong, believe there is good in the world, and as a tapestry of interconnected bridges, just be, your own golden goodness in the world.
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~ jeffscult 
This image was shared by a leader of the Eco-Renaissance movement, Marci Zaroff. Thank you Marci for being a trailblazer for decades of how to not just speak, but be, The Good In The World.

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