2021: Uncertainty As a Guiding Light

Posted by Jeff Scult on

Dear Golden One,

How are you feeling inside about our future now, in this new week of a new year:

Doubtful or Uncertain?

Hopeful or Purposeful?

It's a funny thing about the language we speak to ourselves. Words raise our vibration, setting the tone for things inside and out to thrive; or they can create a lower vibration feeding our fear, a malaise which can become a self-depleting, paralyzing prophecy.

2020 was a year of doubt and hope. We waited. We quarantined. We put our lives our hold. We doubted our leadership, our world. We hoped (and still have hope) things will get better. And above all we learned that words matter. They can soothe. They can also splinter the very soul of society.

Doubt is the ultimate mother-f*****. It creeps fear. When we doubt, we are doubting ourselves. The mirror of life as a reflective muse gets cloudy, we no longer see ourselves, and the inner-light of our full intuitive permission dims.

Hope lays us in wait. For an outside force to show us the way, to reveal our destiny. 

As Morpheus schooled us, "You've been down that road. And you know how it ends."

We see a different philosophy, a precise path forward for '21. A future now. A gateway that begins within from:

Embracing uncertainty. What happens when we lean into the absolute unknown, embracing the fact that we don't have control of outside forces? While doubt suffocates us, uncertainty is actually a magical way to live. As we are open to being open, the level of synchronicity that fires for each of us is boundless. Stay open to the magic of uncertainty of how '21 is going to unfold for you. 

A purposeful pivot. What happens when we wake with a purposeful mantra? Mine for '21 is to cease the trying, the pressing, the pushing, and "just allow with ease, to receive." The natural way of the world has its way, and as we are purposeful in our destiny, it's amazing what fluidly comes our way.

Words cast spells. Let us choose them wisely.


So grateful for you being part of our journey at One Golden Thread. Ironically and prophetically, what began as a connection movement in 2016, has come full circle with clothing that inspires connection and feeling in this time we have needed comfort and togetherness most.

Our shared future is bright, we have so much golden goodness in the works for you to share with you in the coming days. In this moment, I just wish to just personally acknowledge you for self-loving yourself by gifting yourself the feeling gift of nature.

Thank you from the bottom of my soul's calling for you living and spreading the thread.

You are golden, and we've got this threaded thing in flow, better together. 

Jeff + all the hands that lovingly nurture your threads

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