The Golden Spirit Within

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What a Christmas spirit night i was gifted by the universe, that I wish to share in story reflection to yours...
Circumstances created for me a Christmas Eve of joyful solo solitude and source creation and Gratitude reflection at our DTLA one golden thread Atelier.
Finally driving home in a warm glow at 2am, just a block off the OG, an elderly man positioned his wheel chair in the middle of the dark street to attempt forcing oblivious zooming by cars to “see him”. I also passed by; just so many persons of homelessness in DTLA.
Half a mile down the street, I just stopped, pulling to the side and closing my eyes for a second. The deep imprinted visual of him navigating a wheel chair in the middle of the street with one leg amputated, the spark of light of the beautifully bright red underside of his hat juxtaposed against his tattered grey hoodie shrouding his face, my eyes opened, spinning my car around the block to meet this human wherever he was.
I parked just past him so I could prepare a Christmas blessing. I poured some of my warm Rasa tea for him. I pulled out $23. About to exit my car and walk back to him, there he was, wheels up to my window.
“I am James,” he says with an outstretched hand and a flashed smile. I introduce myself and first hand him the warm Rasa, inviting him to take a sip while I wait. His face lights up - "this is delicious. I will take three lucky sips and save the rest for Christmas Day." I then hand him the $23.
What transpired next was nothing short of a life-flashing-before-my-eyes precious moment to remind me why I am here.
Tears streaming down James face, he said, "This is the first time all day I've felt like a human. The first time somebody took a moment to see me."
I share this with you not to show a random act of kindness that I know so many of us practice frequently in our lives. I share this to remind myself that everyone deserves to feel dignity. And to express a moment of spirit gratitude for each of us to remind ourselves of the blessings we do have, not lament what we don't. Certainly puts things in perspective. An example to remind ourselves the truest notion of giving and receiving, is captured within a golden drop of wisdom my father shared with me, "There is no giving or receiving, it is all the same — just sharing love."
Every human is worthy to be seen, valued, heard. I've learned it begins within each of us, by first sharing love with our selves — first. That creates a self-awareness container to give within that spirit, boundlessly to others by simply being that spirit. I've learned time and again it is a choice, in every moment, to live from our hearts. And yet we can all fall out. I know i do. Yet the greatest act of kindness is our greatest tool - "self awareness" - to come back time and again, to develop an infinite muscle memory, to just stay in that frequency.
That is, for me, to live life Golden.
As we reflect, we reveal anew, here is to all of us, a renew you '22.
As I was about to drive away and bid James adieu, he serenaded me in the night sky...
He allowed me to capture it...thank you for the lighting the night, James.
In joy, in your hearts, perhaps you will share the blessing of loving perspective as we circle with loved ones today.

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