Regeneration, not Sustainability, is the answer

Posted by Jeff Scult on

Have you heard the story about the frog and the boiling pot?

1. Frog enters pot on stove that is luke warm, with burner on high.

2. Frog enjoys the delicious swim, splashing around.

3. Water heats to a boil, Frog synapses never sound the "it's-getting-hotter than-hell-in-here" danger alarm bell to jump from the pot.

4. Pot boils, and so does Frog.

We are in the hottest water that is nearing a boil. And not only are most not paying attention, many who are, are focusing on solutions akin to re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Sustainability is not the answer. It is regeneration.

Sacred is a word I think of every day.

Sacred is not separate. It's when when we allow ourselves to see the interconnectedness of all things. Sacred is not precious or woo woo in a spiritual realm, it is elemental, grounded, root solid. Sacred Is an acknowledgement that we are nature and to see that interconnectedness is when we realize we are never alone, and the respect we have for ourselves is respect we have for others is the respect we have for her, Earth. That is sacred.

I lived a life decidedly un-sacred for half a century. I was part of the problem. And even as I have become a sacred solutionist, I acknowledge that sacred has fragility.

Soil is Soul. It is sacred. Water is sovereignty. It is sacred. 

We as humans disrespect both. We are better than the frog boiling at our own and collective peril.

We are humans.

We have the mental ability & power to transcend. 

Creating a new foundation in one of the last frontier’s, Clothing, is what I’m waking up and focusing on every day my small part, in honor of the sacred.  

Regeneration is Sacred. Sacred is sexy.

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