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It's quite ironic about origins when they are born out of pure intent and from a channeled place. 

Expressions don't change much.

Out of curiosity, I visited the now latent first OGT site resting in the squarespace archives. Created back in 2016, when we offered our first two products - The Tree Shirt and The Nature Wrapt.

As I navigated, I happened upon "customer testimonials"; I mused what the very first testimonial was, forgetting that it was me.  

It felt profound to read my first written expression to the world, about my golden intent to the world, here's what I wrote 6 years ago... 

...that is consistent with the delivery today:

Committed to your cozy.

Designed to shine the gold that resides inside.

As it was intended, as it shall always be...

No bullshit.



This was the among the first photos taken of me in my threads in 2018. It was powerful to see myself, not look at me, to see right to me.

The OG Squarespace site built in 2016...looking good Crsto.

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