OGT Artist Collab Announcement

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I grew up in an artist household in Phoenix. My mother was audacious. Her art was bold. She created for her self, realization, release, and new reveal. Fully expressed through the canvas of her mind. And she lit the pilot light of my own Phoenix art renaissance. And upon her transition last year, she became inbeded within my own artistry. 

I've always admired the raw. The wild. The super natureal ones. 

One Golden Thread is my sacred canvas for co-creation.

I am here to celebrate the golden ones.

The ones giving zero fucks.

The indigenous brushes of life who invite us into our own inner wild. 

I am honored to announce our next artist collaboration - with a sacred stallion, Carlito Dalceggio. 

Carlito and I can't wait to reveal what we've come up with together - a limited series wearable art collection, Carlito's evocative & provocative message-art eco-printed on OGT's Earth-friendly tree fiber designs.

We share a philosophy of nature and us as one, every purchase plants a tree.

Coming S(w)oon...

Carlito and I invite you to muse in your inner-wild. 

I am Jeff Scult, I am my sacred brand.

@jeffscult, OGT

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