Loveshops over Sweatshops

Posted by Jeff Scult on


It's powerful when we are seen. When one's grounded mission, poured with heart, is felt by another. As it speaks to theirs.

Ryan, thank you for this reflection. Same same.

We ascribe to the philosophy of owning less things that you love more, and instead of for seasons, durable and part of you for life.

We acknowledge it does cost more to ethically create the right way with the right materials with the right plastic free packaging and mailings with the right business model that gives back to nature.

Self-awareness is everything. To pay attention and ask the question of what is the true cost of a cheaper priced item. Both in impact to human condition and environmental pollution.

We can all take to heart the most powerful adage, “the cheapest thing in your closet is what you love and wear all the time.” Full respect to every one by one for giving a sh*t.

Signs from the universe. Aho. 

- @jeffscult


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