Celebrating Mother's Day: A Tribute to Divine Creation

Posted by Jeff Scult on

As we approach Mother's Day, I find myself reflecting on the profound impact of the feminine energy that permeates every aspect of our existence. At One Golden Thread, we believe in celebrating the divine that resides within all humanity, a concept inherently tied to the essence of motherhood.

Love is at the core of our philosophy - love for oneself, love for community, and love for our planet. In honoring the nurturing spirit of mothers everywhere, we embrace the regenerative power of nature and the pure essence of creation.

It's been four years since my beautiful mother, Arlene Offer Scult, transitioned from this world. Yet, her presence and influence continue to shape my perspective on life and creativity. They say that creation is the mother of all invention, and I've come to understand that it's a force that never truly leaves us. It's a part of who we are, woven into the fabric of our being.

This Mother's Day, and indeed every day, let us celebrate the heart and the art of living life golden. Let us wrap ourselves in the embrace of nature, honoring the sacred bond between mother and child. For every day is Mother's Day, a testament to the enduring love and devotion that mothers give unconditionally.

In tribute to all mothers, and in gratitude for you, I offer a special gift: receive a Golden Tote Bag with any purchase through 5/14. A carry-all for nourishment from the farmer’s market, or other things she loves. May this small token serve as a reminder of the love and appreciation we hold for the divine feminine energy that guides and sustains us.

As we honor the memory of our mothers and celebrate the essence of creation, let us carry forward their legacy with grace and gratitude. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, past, present, and future. May your love continue to nourish and inspire us all.

That is our human nature.

With love and reverence,

Jeff Scult
Founder of One Golden Thread

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