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"The winds of change are upon the face of the deep; a storm of epic proportions is in the making and when it passes, nothing will be the same. Never in human history have the problems of humanity been so great and so many. It is also true that where there is challenge there is opportunity in equal measure. Seek to know what Nature really wants, then redirect the resource streams accordingly." - Randy Schmach, Future Now Architect, RIP 


How did we get here: a race to the bottom on Price?

The blind insanity of humanity unconsciously consuming without considering Who made it, in what conditions, with what materials, most don’t think once, let alone twice.

And don’t be confused. This is not a fear message of doom and gloom, you have entered an infinitely expanding room. Not of oneness, every one by oneness.

Not activists, PRO-activists. Not Problemists, we stand banded together as Solutionists. 

Almost no one knows, among the World's most extractive, plasticized & polluting industries is the one thing we have common when we’re not naked — our clothes. 

And isn’t it ironic most clothes "close" us, masking us from feeling.

Let’s flip the script for our clothes to open us, adding life force energy, a regenerative spirit that promotes planetary well-being. 

To Unf*ck fast fashion… is owning fewer things we love more, built to last in.

A dirty little secret about fashion; That item you are told will make you feel like gold? I’m here to tell you that’s an old manipulation story you are being sold.

Try on instead this new inflection: You already are golden, because your gold resides inside, super-nature clothes carry codes, a mirrored reflection.

Humanity has entered our higher-self life season, a reason to see that it’s time to thrive and be alive and realize we are all one tribe.

And Houston, we have a language problem.

It's high time we move beyond the green washed box. Take Sustainability, what a lovely thought. 

Ambiguous to define, collectively model or measure, let’s call Sustainability what it is: At best maintainability.

To get us out of this mess, we return to the natural order of replenishing life, a restoration container to address.

A return to a now possibility, the ancient philosophy of Regenerosity. In bio-harmony with nature to make, modeled to give back to nature more than it takes to create.

Let’s plant trees which also benefit the seas. It’s all interconnected. And we see that we as we move from planetary dis ease to ease, we each receive a renewed inner and shared peace.

Regeneration in every industry is the Pivot Party for all, a conscious consumption movement for all who shall answer the call.

What is your nature calling?

I can share my truth, our answer is not out there. It begins within.

I. You. Us.

Not from leaders who scare, speakers who preach, or a pilgrimage to playa Dust. 

As we each trust that trust, the gold inside each of us, will be the thread that unites us. 

Wear the change you see to be, together we rise, our manifest in destiny.

Thank you for lifting.

Jeff Scult, Fashion Proactivist | Amateur Floet | Creator & Designer, One Golden Thread


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