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Tree Pant
Jeffrey Barbour
Like Warm Butter

Softest fabric I’ve ever worn. They feel and look so good I almost feel guilty when I wear them. The details are spot on as they flawlessly span the divide between ultimate familiarity and thrillingly exotic.
Bravo !!!

Buy one today

What a spectacular shirt. So comfortable I’d wear it everyday.


I love the pants. Very well made and literally the most comfortable fabric I’ve ever worn. The design is just what I had hoped. I would love an entire wardrobe of these clothes. I’m so happy about my purchase!

So beautiful…

Beautiful in feel, drape, design … everything! I bought both styles and alternate between them almost daily!

Tree Pant
James Piacentino
Truly Unique - World Class look and feel…

Game changer! Nothing like this brand out there and the tree pant comfort and style is unmatched. Kudos to Jeff and team!

Kairos Duster
igor pasisnitchenko
Amazing ~ Gorgeous

Amazing fitting and gorgeous look

New Classic Crew
William Kelly

Ordered two more after the first. The feel the look is off the hook. It sets you apart from other t’s in a good way. More colors.

Warm, cozy tee

Perfect for spring nights when you need just a little more warmth. Made with love you can feel when the fleece hugs you and so golden. OGT never disappoints!

Worth it

I didn’t think I could love a shirt this much. If your hesitant about buying one just do it. The fit is perfect & the feel is lovely. Did I mention it’s reversible? Fantastic.

New Classic Crew
Michael Tougas

Comfy, breathable, beautiful. The one golden thread crew tee does it all.

Beauty in scent and feel

I really enjoy the wonderful scent from this candle and using the oil brings the scent even closer. This will be a mainstay in my candle rotation.

Kairos Duster
Michael Sinclair
Great quality!

I’m quite pleased with this purchase. The stitching is very high quality. It has a unique construction that makes the arms comfortably snug that also makes it more form fitting around the chest. I feel like some kind of apocalyptic superhero when I wear it!

Also, the customer service was top notch. I had some complications around shipping and traveling, but Crystal went above and beyond to help me.

The only drawback was that the color (Shroom) was different from what I was expecting. The picture makes it look like a more tan, sandy color whereas what I got was more of a greenish brown. I still like it, but perhaps a more accurate photo would be in order?

Loving to learn the versatility

I am loving my OGT products. The nature wrap is definitely wonderful, so far i use it as lightweight blanket to sleep here in the hot Phoenix weather. It is so soft i can pull it over my head or use it over my eye s if the wakes before I do. I would love to know more ways to wear it as a dress or skirt or anything that i have seen in photos. Really its so soft and breathable i dont want to wear other things.

Nature Wrap
Brooke B.
Feels like home

Beautiful, soft, and it has pockets!


I always love how my golden threads smell when they arrive. Now I can dose them with this delightful magic whenever I like. It's awesome on skin and hair too!

Having a hard time wearing anything else.

I read all these reviews saying they never want to take it off, or that they never take it off. Well, now I'm gonna say the same thing. I have the black and the green one and I seriously wear them constantly. The cut is awesome and falls beautifully. The material is the softest coziest fabric and oddly keeps me warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm. What is this magic OGT? The exposed seams, golden thread, and long arms with the thumbholes are really just the coolest thing. Hippy streetwear maybe. I don't know but I love them. Going to get the white next because I can't not. I'm picky with clothes, especially texture and cut, and OGT is my new obsession.

New Classic Crew
Adam Manacker
Best Shirt

This shirt is amazing. So soft and comfy. Plus a great cut.
Can’t wait to buy more.

Comfort in Nature

The oil is not only calming but is rich in its moisturizing properties. I use it for my skin, hair and beard care.

Mike Goldfarb
Like kissing a cloud

I love my new versawrap! Even though the mask mandate is being lifted I never want to take this luxuriously soft fabric off my face. Way better than wearing an itchy mask. I might have to spring for a few more...

Raw V Tree Shirt
A sweet wear

Simply a favorite. Sweet to wear.

Awesome shirts

Perfect fit, perfect softness, excellent shirts. They need a couple more colors.

Wear Love

A perfect addition to my OGT collection. Like all of OGT's go anywhere, do anything gear, you can feel the love it is created with. One Golden Thread for this moment, One Golden Thread for life!

Tree Pant
Paul Timothy
Awesome and Amazing!

Honestly, the most comfortable pants I have ever worn! I'm going to buy another pair in another color~

New Classic Crew
Andrew D.
Better than expected!

This is the first Instagram ad that I actually caved for and I am glad that I did. This shirt is every bit as comfortable as they say it is and honestly fits better than any other shirt I’ve ever worn. Glad I took the plunge on this after seeing it in a social media ad - I will definitely be ordering more!!

So comfortable

Seriously my new fav short sleeve shirt. These are so comfortable! I need to get one in every color!