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Kairos Duster
Elsebeth Eskesen
Simply the best EVER Duster truly GOLDEN THREATS

Going to love shopping for more .

love that you wrote golden threats - sounds cool :)

Tree Pant
Ivan Badillo
Softest bottoms in the world!

I literally cannot take these off, they are so damn comfortable! I use them to go shopping, dinner, walking the dog, movies, sleeping! I hate to take them off!

Long Sleeve Raglan
Christopher Hefty

Looks cool/casual & feels awesome!

Amazing fit and feel

Really love these products! I have several of the different colors of the long sleeve raglan, and just received the pants which I love as well. Super comfortable and casual but stylish!

So cozy, very long

Loving my new raglan for layering in the cooling weather. I’m a petite woman at 5’, and the S fits like an oversized warm drape on me. Will wear this mostly indoors.

Kairos Duster
emmanuel donate

I’m getting another one.

Obscenely soft and comfortable

Not cheap, but the best quality rarely is. Instantly decided to order more after just one wear. Feels like a gentle hug. 10/10 love it.

One challenge is it hangs low, so it’s difficult to combine with other layers like flannel shirts or sweaters without it peaking out unless you tuck it in.

Hi JD,

Jeff here, designer and founder of OGT. Try to actually enjoy the shirt below your flannel. It's a cool look...


Conor McCaffrey

Very soft and looks great. Will certainly not be my last.

Slip in it or sleep in it!

Fucking amazing.

Seriously, so perfectly fitting and comfy. Best pants for style and leisure. Couldn’t be more impressed!

Kairos Duster
Paul Timothy
Fantastic, Lovey, and Cozy!

So very soft and comfortable! Besides all that, you can absolutely tell that the clothing is made VERY well. Seems as though it will last a lifetime!

The New Crew
Jeffrey Wilde
This is my new go-to shirt

These T-Shirts have to be the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.

The fabric is comfortable as hell and the fit is even better.

I’ve already ordered more.

Jeffrey W

love that you love.

One Golden Candle
Sara Hatami
Like Dancing On The Skin

As a licensed healing massage therapist, this is a special experience. It flows so well as a massage candle. When applying, it applied smooth and natural. Felt like dancing on the skin. The scent is subtle, easy. Feel like it would be well received on every one. To receive is love, the feeling of being absorbed in warmth; this candle is absolutely golden.

David Perez
I wear it practically daily I love it

It’s so comfy and stretchy feels so good and I can tell it will last long if I take care of it thank you so much I’ve been feeling golden I hope the same for everyone 🔥

yes, we are all golden

love that you are feeling the love

Favorite shirt!

I can’t stop wearing it! Most comfortable shirt I own!

yes, live in the raglan !

Perfection One Golden Candle

Ambience with a glass of wine, and then this extraordinary candle transforms to become a glass for my wine. Zero waste Genius.

Et la lumière fut…

With light comes love, warmth & perspective. It fuels the soul with deeper gratitude. I discovered this OGT candle to be transformative and multi-functional appealing to multiple senses creating a symphony of connections with others (and self) through smell, touch, and vision. Indulge in the moment, sit with it, caress the hot oils on the body, embrace a higher sensuality and calling it brings to the moment. I was introduced to this candle first handedly during a beautiful celebratory dinner amongst friends last week. Owning a few OGT garments, this candle flows perfectly into the DNA of all the sustainable intentions One Golden Thread is about. It’s beyond light. ❤️

I’m subleasing my apartment...

Because I live in this now. It’s so cozy and warm and soft. I love wearing this and it feels so good on. Would highly recommend getting this, you will love yourself for it!

you can't write this, so good...

actually you just did :)

One Golden Candle
Yasmina Ksikes
The candle that keeps on giving

One of the loveliest candles I have ever “felt “
And I say felt for a few reasons.

So beautiful , the smell is so gentle and sensual , and my favorite part is the finger play…

I lit mine right before bed and slipped into my sheets to read . It truly felt so wonderful to bask into the wonderful scents .
And right before I closed my eyes I dipped my fingers into the warm melted coconut and rubbed my hands &neck … absolutely divine !

Such a beautiful feeling , the perfect candle is here .

A magical night of beautiful dreams … self love to the highest .

Thank you OGT ❤️

Perfect scent!

Incredible scent, smells great in a room and even better on skin. Soothing, intoxicating, but not overpowering.
I’m very picky about candles and can honestly say this is one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

Divine jungle vibes

That’s what the feeling of having this candle oil on my skin feels like. The earthy essence of botanicals smells like jungle after summer rain or a waterfall and the softness on my skin feels like I just walked out of a spa in the jungle somewhere in Tulum or Bali. It’s an experience and an adventure that you can submerge yourself into by just lighting a candle ⚡️Priceless

One Golden Candle
Xiomara Delgado
Feeling Light

This candle moves energy. I give 108 stars review & three words: De. Light. Ful.

One Golden Candle
Jeff Scult
Life is for the Sensuous

I reflect to the “prequel” origin days of one golden thread in early 2016 - long before there was clothing - scribbling this vision | mission statement on a notepad that set our course:

“To be a ‘seven-sense sensuous living company', to create and curate artisanal-craft products, naturally-sourced, designed to remind that the gold inside us, is the connective thread that unites us. And as a For Benefit, to give back to Nature more than it takes to create, from Nature."

While the words we speak today might be unique, this original vision and mission is who we are, and who we will always be.

Touching on the “seven sense” (the five we know, and the sixth I see as intuition, and the seventh, just love, baby), I am thrilled to share with you our One Golden Candle.

From day one, I knew I wanted to offer our OG Fam a special one. To light a room. And with a goal to create one that would double as a warm massage. Ours is actually "a triple thread" (sorry not sorry, couldn't resist) - ambience | massage | second life as a vessel - that is Organic, non-GMO hand crafted in creative partnership with a Topanga Chandler (yup, that means Candle maker). Three words: De. Li. Cious.

For those that choose this offering, I am excited for you too to feel the pure nature of it all, as your one golden candles loves up your life, and as it burns down, versus discarding, it regenerates into sexy time glassware for your dinner table.

So golden.

Life is for the sensuous. Enjoy your warm journey.

OGT Designer | Founder

Feel it to believe it

After reading the other reviews I was skeptical but hopefully optimistic that this duster would be as good as claimed. Upon its arrival, I blown away and wore it all night. The material feels like it’s nonstop blessing my skin, and I find the artist’s designs to be elegant, sophisticated, and reflective of the themes we had aligned on.

10/5 stars.

love this.

So great- absolutely in love

I absolutely love, love, love this shirt- I wear it non stop. I wish it came in a smaller size- I love a very tailored look and I think just a bit off the XS would be sheer perfection for me. I am here to buy more. Love it all!

A truly unique and special gift

Purchased one of the regular Kairos Dusters for myself and it is the most cozy clothing item I own. Love it so much I had to purchase one for my husband. Since it was to be a gift for the holiday season I knew I had to go with the Markers Custom Edition. This a gift that is truly unique. The experience of communicating with the One Golden Thread team to manifest artwork designed exclusively for the recipient of this special Kairos Duster was a great experience - So very personal that you have no doubt that the item is a one-of-a-kind gift. Kudos to Jeff and the entire OGT team.

so much love.