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Pure comfort

We love our sleep set, it's as beautiful as it is cozy! Thank you OGT!

Son of Odin APPROVED ⚡️

By far the worthiest to cradle the hammer of Thor in pure harmony, with 5 packets and two ninja secret pockets to secure all of my nordic nicnaks that even my tricksta brotha Loki would approve in the best way.
Hands down Lord Thor approved and can’t wait to get my black duster and shirt as well,

I feel rapped in the frequency of angels with the excellence and care in every piece.

Pants for the Ninja of Love

My goto pant for morning mediation, afternoon Tai Chi, or just chillin with a bit of biodynamic red. As if they were made of clouds

At Long Last I Live in Comfort

I have coveted this garment since the moment i met Jeff Scult and saw it on him. For various reasons I didn't motivate to get it for a LONG time. Finally wrapping myself in the Kairos Duster, i breathed a sigh of contentment. This is one of the most amazing pieces of clothing i've ever owned. it's style, feel, and energy are simply Next Level. It may feel like an extravagance, but it's worth it. and to put monies into a company that is sustainable and has a Golden beautiful mission just makes it that much sweeter. Get it now!

THE most comfortable pant ever......

I now have a pair for every day of the week and usually wear them 24 hours a day is nothing seems as perfect for being active to going to bed.

Softer than a cloud

If you want to slip into something softer than the clouds, this is the garment you have always wanted. I wear it in, out, about, and to sleep.


Most comfortable


I wear my OG threads daily. When I first looked at the nature wrap I didn't think I would use it much.

When the temperature started dropping I finally bought one to use as a scarf.

My original assumption was so wrong! I use the wrap every day in a ton of different ways, from scarf to wrap to shrug to giving warmth to a loved one on a cold night.

As versatile as it is cozy. I love my nature wrap.


Love of Schnugs

I was introduced to the life-changing OGT Wrap 3 years ago. And when I say life-changing, I am NOT exaggerating. The wrap became a tent of connectivity with those I love. It became my defining fashion element as a scarf, dress, shoulder drape and skirt. It became our blanket as I snuggled and slept with dear friends on a massive hammock in Vermont.
It became the prop I am now known for when dancing, twirling around with it like fire poi, a gorgeous reminder of what it is to be free.
To breathe and release anxiety.
Its soft, smooth luxury brings me back immediately.
To cozy.
To confident security.
To comfortable bliss in being me.


Love it, it’s a great moisturizer and smells amazing!!!

Feels like home

Do yourself a favor and get one of these right now. It feels like a cloud, a second skin and a protection shield at the same time. I have a piece of OGT on me at all times. At home, on the plane, hotel, rock show, as a dress, scarf, pillow case, a superhero cape. I live in it. It’s sustainable, plants trees with every purchase and it’s made with love. You will be wrapped in love and golden light from the moment it touches your skin.

True human luxury

I came across this brand through a friend. Once I met the founder it was intoxicating. The smell of the wraps the feel of your second skin and joy of newness. And most importantly you became a new Human the comfort the movement.
I can sleep in it and wear it to a zoom call. Wrap up and challenge the brush with my OGT mask. And full attire. I’m in truly golden.
And I know there so much more to come.

Comfort and style

My stay at home uniform is a silky, comfy soft regenerative tree fiber piece that I wear around the house and could wear out and about. The company is called One Golden thread. I was recently was in a horseback riding accident on my birthday and shattered my femur and broke my hip.. as musician it’s been so challenging, not being able to perform live shows because of the global pandemic.. One Golden Thread heard about my story and sent over some pieces for me to wear, to help me heal. Being very passionate about style and story telling with clothing, the material is sustainable, super comfortable and at the same time you can wear it with anything.. I also love their mission.. Their mission believe’s in a world where all humans see themselves as golden inside, a part of the elemental golden thread to nature that connects us all. That touches me deeply and ties in well with comforting the soul and also comforting the body with the best cozy wear.
Thank you One Golden Thread!

Duster from Another Mother

Love love this piece, Mostly at home these days which means my partner & I fight over who gets to wear it - got to get another one just for him!

Exquisite & unique comfort for these much needed times

My nature wrap goes with me everywhere. Being able to wrap myself in this exquisite softness, comforts & elevates my life at home in a way that no other clothing has these days - It envelops me when I rise from bed, then drapes around my shoulders on my work zoom calls and then is a warm eye-catching throw as I pop out for that much needed coffee …….it's kindalike that comfort blanket I could not let go of as a child …...Thank you One Golden Thread people for your contribution to my new lifestyle needs in these challenging times x

Better sleep

I literally feel like I’m falling asleep in a cloud, I feel my whole body relax and exhale and drift in to blissful sleep much quicker than on other sheets. Very soothing, very soft. Highly recommend!

So Cozy! ✨

I am in love with my set! The softest ever! SO COZY & they look stunning! can’t wait to get another set in onyx. Thank you OGT!🥰

So cozy!

I am in love with my set! Looks SO beautiful and is SO COZY I get complements from them all the time and can’t wait to buy all the other colors! Thank you OGT xo

Fabric So Delicious I Had 3 Generations Fighting Over It! 🥰

Every year I make a family camping trip to the desert that I’ve been camping in (since I was a little grommit) with my dearest relatives, and take my Grandma to visit where we scattered my Grandfather’s ashes together, and celebrate how lucky we were to have him. This year we went with my Mom, Aunt Mary, and Nana of course. I was lucky enough to have the Nature Wrap and Pillow Faces with me because they are the perfect desert/ wilderness gear. The wrap keeps you warm, when the things get chilly, by trapping your body heat perfectly when the fabric is directly against your body; but keeps you cool and safe from the sun when it’s scorching because it’s breathes wonderfully. It’s also beautiful, and feels delicious on your skin, so whenever I would set it down for even a moment, I would come back to one of my family members wearing it. They absolutely loved it, and the whole trip turned into a hilarious game of who could hang onto the wrap. Lol. It was delightful. Needless to say, my Nana won out in the end, (she IS the most fabulous, after all. 😉). I’m so exited to share the Pillow Faces with them next because the fabric is SO tactilely satisfying, and since they keep you cool, are the perfect addition to anyone’s favourite pillow who is always on the hunt for the coolest side. Thank you One Golden Thread! Now I know what I’m getting everyone in (my impossibly content, so nightmarish to shop for 😂) family for Christmas! They don’t need anymore stuff, but they absolutely fell in love with this product, and once I told them about how it’s produced conscientiously by a company who actually cares about making a positive impact in the world, they all were happy lifelong converts. Next year I imagine we’ll all visit my Grampy, decked out in head to toe One Golden Thread. I can’t wait to see what One Golden Thread comes out with next. No doubt we’ll all be obsessed. 😊👍🏼💯

Favorite Clothing Item I Own!!!

I purchased these pants a few weeks ago, and have been unable to take them off except to shower. They feel and look amazing. I can literally feel the intention that was put into creating these pants, and they make me feel so good when I wear them. They are comfortable, sexy and extremely soft. One golden thread indeed!!!


Love it so so much, its like magic, your inner soul makes a huge connection and empowers you to go out better serve humanity!

I love this.

The Kairos Duster is one of my favorite clothing items. I love how soft and comfortable the duster is, and I feel confident af when I wear it. The oversized hood is cozy in the cooler weather, and I feel like a wise man every time I wear it. The material is soft, thicker than expected, and quite comfortable. The fit is perfect. LOVE IT.


They are the BEST!!!

Amazingly comfortable!!!

I love these paints and would were them all day every day.