The Gift of This Present Moment

Posted by Jeff Scult on

The essence of presence.

Not wandering in our past stories, the dark corners of our minds.

Not wondering into the future, what might become. 

Being here. Because there is no where else.

Today is World Alzheimer's Day.

Yes, Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. For those experiencing, and the waterfall affect of those touched by those loved.

It is heart wrenching, painful to witness, and scary as hell.

And also, in my experience with my mother, when I let go what no longer was, softening into the love of what was, and really listened, it also became a twisted gift as a lasting legacy from her. As it expressed in the most raw way...

True patience.

Absolute perspective.

And most certainly presence.

The present moment is all we have. The ultimate gift.

Thank you, dear Mother, for teaching me. 

The last full sentence my mother said to me, before words began to fail her ability to string her thoughts, is now my every-morning mantra: "Treat this moment as a once in a lifetime opportunity."

It's been an honor to tuck the legacy blessing of my mother mantra in the threads we are weaving, and our one golden fam is wearing.

In connection, even if our minds don’t always allow it. We are each still always alive inside.

On this World Alzheimer's Day, and every day, love each other up with gratitude.



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