In this enriching episode, Jeff embarks on an rushing river with co-spiritor & female musician Kiran “Madame” Gandhi, and special guest / musician Victory. Kiran takes us on a profound journey through her life where art, performance, and activism converge and she shares her pivotal experiences. Including her iconic London Marathon free bleed run, to illustrate the potency of challenging societal norms.

The trio navigates the realms of conscious consumption, the intrinsic value of human attention, and the pressing need for a paradigm shift in the fashion industry beyond sustainability and ethics, as well as optimizing for one’s own joy. Emphasizing the vital role of businesses in societal betterment and the transformative power of energy, Madame Gandhi is all about the HOW TO, and her fresh takes will inspire you to see your optimized joy through a new lens to align to your passions with purpose, paving the way for a brighter, more you YOU.

As Jeff’s dad likes to say, “get a pencil” for this one; the drops of gold come like a joyful waterfall.

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