Get ready to ignite your soul with Drops of Gold Jeff Scult and the unstoppable force known as Sanyika "Firestarter" Street in this badass episode of Drops of Gold. They obliterate the BS holding us back, delving into authenticity, leadership, and the art of truly listening.

Sanyika takes us on a fearless journey beyond comfort zones, diving deep into vulnerability and the magic of going all-in with a “double McFuck It” attitude. Brace yourself for powerful storytelling, razor-sharp dialogue, and a mind-blowing spoken word you won't ever forget.

Learn the ultimate "HOW TO" for crushing doubt, the vital role of community, and the game-changing impact of owning your purpose with unapologetic boldness. This episode isn't just about personal growth—it's a rallying cry to embrace your path with zero fucks given, to ignite yourself and go ALL IN.

Prepare to be equally confronted and comforted - all at once.

We know, weird.




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