Yes F Yes Wrap - Benzova x OGT

Yes F Yes Wrap - Benzova x OGT

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ethically handmade in LA & MX
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every product sold plants a tree

An expression of living life in self devotion to what's golden...

We present Yes Fuck Yes, an artist co-creation between the paint brush of Kat Benzova and the spoken word floetry of OGT designer Jeff Scult.

Wear the change you wish to be, every OGT item plants in your name a new tree.

Live your life in Yes Fuck Yes.

Are you devoted to living life golden from the inside out, to care with compassion for humanity around you, living in equanimity with nature ?

"Yes Fuck Yes" is that invitation, to express, to clear the decks for what truly matters, however you define in your life.

With Kat's rock & roll lightning bolt brushstrokes, melded with Jeff's floetric prose, we invite you to wear this Ode To Your Golden Soul, the unleash of your own expression, your Yes Fuck Yes.


by @jeffscult

It’s your time, to start…

to give zero fucks about others opinions of you,
to clear the decks for your infinite fucks, your transcendent truth.

No woo woo, no gurus,
You are Spirit-Full over Spiritual,
the gold already resides inside you.

We are each our own healers,
as mirrors, witnessing each other
being our own revelers.

Love your life without condition,
Embracing the unconditional love language of the universe,
your intuition.

Say yes to life with no hesitation and reservations,
free dive into the unknown beyond your comfort zone, expectations.

It’s your choice to claim your golden voice,
It’s time we all share our gifts with increased ignition.

When in doubt, you get out.

While embracing the mystery of uncertainty,
as a magical gift of your life’s journey.

We are each more liberated & free together than apart,
each moment is a choice point to choose to live from an open heart.

And we keep our eyes on all the blessings,
always remembering residing inside our deepest dark fear cave,
shines our deepest soul lessons. 

And we will never forget, this is all supposed to be fun, so yes, fuck yes, let’s have some.

️ #yesfuckyes

@jeffscult | @katbenzova_rockphoto

Measures 78" x 52"

  • Made of regenerative Beech tree fiber blended with the top 1% of ethical Cotton
  • 108 uses of versatility for wearability and decor - a long scarf, a jedi wrap, a waist wrap, a beach blanket, a bed accent, a couch throw, choose your adventure...
  • Feels like plant-based silk, acts like a second skin of comfort and protection
  • Impossibly soft, durable, breathable, naturally antimicrobial & lightweight
  • Features two hidden slip pockets, one with the poem tucked in.
  • Thoughtfully eco-printed & hand-dyed Egyptian golden color
  • Limited edition run
  • Washing machine safe & tumble dry
  • Every purchase plants a tree

This is a super-nature item. Machine wash with only natural detergents and other natural fibers. Tumble dry or air dry in nature.


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comfort threads fashioned by nature

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One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company
One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company