The Ray Wrap - Heinrichs x OGT

The Ray Wrap - Heinrichs x OGT

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We are honored to share "The Manta in Rays" Wrap, a flash moment in underwater time in Isla Mujeres captured by the acclaimed Underwater Adventurer Conservationist Photographer Shawn Heinrichs. What is the magic of the benevolent Manta Ray? The deeply vulnerable Guardian of the Sea swims amongst predators respected and untouched as it moves gracefully with confidence. This Ray Wrap is versatile to wear as a scarf, as an accent blanket, and much more. It embodies patience, adaptability, and insightfulness, a confidence symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Measures 78" x 52"

  • Made of regenerative Beech tree fiber blended with the top 1% of ethical Cotton
  • 108 uses of versatility for wearability and decor - a long scarf, a jedi wrap, a waist wrap, a beach blanket, a bed accent, a couch throw, choose your adventure...
  • Feels like plant-based silk, acts like a second skin of comfort and protection
  • Impossibly soft, durable, breathable, naturally antimicrobial & lightweight
  • Features two hidden slip pockets.
  • Limited batch dition run
  • Washing machine safe & tumble dry
  • A percentage of proceeds plants a tree & supports Only One, Shawn Heinrichs Foundation to protect our Oceans

"In moments of greatest vulnerability, we discover our greatest power."

I infinitely feel this moment in Isla Mujeres from a decade ago, the flash moment of the Manta bathed in Rays. I was swimming with the Whale Sharks, witnessing them looping and barrel rolling in the Azul hues. It was mid-day, and the light source pin-cushioned my sight-line in an upside down world. A flash moment in time, never to be recreated, the 3 meter-wide Manta swam below me, and graced my eye with this moment of infinite now.


GRACE - a word that so often comes to mind when I share space with a Manta Ray.

On a spiritual level, Grace can be defined as the "divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses." The frequency and energy that the manta ray shares with us seems to do exactly that, bringing a deep sense of healing and inspiring us to reach for our highest. They are truly the angels of the sea, a gift and a blessing, yet they are so vulnerable to our reckless and destructive ways, and we must do all we can to protect them and all the beings that make their homes in the oceans...

I've always dreamed of creating something spectacular with this image, to celebrate the magnificence of our Ocean and its Guardian of the Sea - The Manta Ray.

One Golden Thread, with its Earth Ethics, and cozy comfort and style, embodies the confidence of this otherworldly Ray. Choose to fearlessly interact with your life. Enjoy your power...

- Shawn Heinrichs

Welcome to the most versatile piece you will ever own. Wear as a long scarf, a signature stylish upper torso wrap, a waist wrap, a bed covering, an instant travel bed sheet, a couch love cuddle, a beach blanket or cover up, a surf change station, a picnic blanket, a bright diffuser, and for the ladies, a wrap dress. Choose your adventure - Take it with you on your journey of life. It’s a wrap, how will you rock it?

Machine washable and dryer safe.


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One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company
One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company