Fibonacci Wrap - Contzen x OGT

Fibonacci Wrap - Contzen x OGT

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Welcome to 108 Fibonacci, a new stunning wearable art piece from Portugal-based multi-dimensional Sculpter and Artist Matthias Cont Zen.This piece represents the wholeness of existence, the perfect math of the 108 & Fibonacci sequence, and comes available in a micro-collection in three colors: GLDN, Berber Blue, and Black & White. Buyer beware: Wearing the 108 fibonacci Wrap may induce feelings of lightness of being, pure love and connection with all.

Just sayin.

Based in Portugal since 1998, Matthias Cont Zen is a multimedia spirit artist who employs marble, sound and light as material. His acclaimed work is housed worldwide in both private and public collections, and his heart and art is driven by a deep desire to disentangle the true nature of Form, cohering codes within hidden patterns of the Universe, both in micro and macro structures of all the elements. Matthias’ life-long artistic research led him to study, disassemble, and reassemble the codes of Fibonacci Sequence into perfect math tangible representations of love. 

Synchronicity brought OGT Founder Jeff Scult and Matthais together at an Lisbon-beachside Art Fundraiser the summer of 2023. The two artists connected deeply around their shared principles of 108, how this perfect math also weaves through Matthais’ creations & One Golden Thread with equanimity.

Before the sun set that evening, the invitation was offered by Jeff to create something magical, to make Matthais masterworks wearable, and accessible to the world to wear Fibonacci’s wholeness of existence message. Wear this gorgeous piece to remind you that you are pure light and love.

“It has always been a dream to make my art wearable. Yet I always said no, as it must be done with the vibrational frequency from which I create. And along came Jeff. The reason I choose to collaborate with One golden Thread? It’s the coolest brand ever, aligned to my artistic sensibilities and human values, inviting us to feel wrapped in love.”

For me, art is deeply influencing the heart and soul of both the wearer and the observer, inducing healing. For art is the deepest essence of the human being. In beauty we trust.

I invite you to wrap your head and yourself around this mesmerizing pattern, inspired by one of Nature’s codes for beauty - the Fibonacci sequence, so often reflected in the 108 repetitive realm of nature. 

This offering comes with a Warning: Glaring into our co-created 108 Fibonacci wrap designs might induce a feeling of a lightness of being, pure love and connection with all, hypnotizing you into your highest self."

Matthias Cont Zen

  • Measures 85" x 52"
  • Made of a blend of regenerative tree fiber (Beech) from Austria (Tencel micro modal), spun with the top 1% of ethical cotton from local California family farms
  • Limited first series available in GLDN, Berber Blue, & Black & White
  • Two slip pockets for phone, hands
  • Overdyed so the piece is reversible, gorgeous either way
  • Naturally antimicrobial, lightweight, and impossibly soft
  • Features two hidden slip pockets
  • Thoughtfully hand-dyed and eco-printed
  • Comes with a washable travel case
  • Washing machine safe & tumble dry
  • Every purchase plants a tree


Welcome to the most versatile piece you will ever own. Wear as a long scarf, a signature stylish upper torso wrap, a waist wrap, a bed covering, an instant travel bed sheet, a couch love cuddle, a picnic blanket, a bright diffuser, and for the ladies, a wrap dress. Choose your adventure - Take it with you on your journey of life. It’s a wrap, how will you rock it?

One size loves all.

Machine wash and dry safe. Wash with other like colors, natural detergent.


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One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company
One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company