One Golden Thread is more than a regenerative clothing company - it’s an ethos rooted in connection to self, community, and planet. The golden threads that come with every one of our products represent that we are all connected by one thread, and that we are all already Golden.

Thousands of people from around the world have shared with us what it means to them to live life Golden, and how One Golden Thread’s ethos and products have touched them. Check out our In The Wild and Video pages and to see examples from the OGT community.



If you feel called to share how One Golden Thread has touched you, both literally through the regenerative products crafted with care, as well as on a deeper level through the OGT ethos, here are a couple ways in which you can share your gold with the community.

  1. Tag @onegoldenthread and use #onegoldenthread in your post to share your experience wearing or interacting with OGT’s regenerative clothing. We will be selecting posts that inspire us to highlight on OGT’s social platforms and website
  2. If you are a creative or high-quality content creator and would like to submit raw footage and images to OGT for potential inclusion in OGT branded content (reels, IG posts, compilations, etc), please follow the steps below to submit.

Record yourself in the highest quality possible using a professional camera or the highest quality on your smartphone. While we want to leave the creativity up to you, here are some ideas for content to capture:

Videos and images of you wearing the OGT product, either at home or better-yet, in unique locations in the wild

Testimonial video material of you speaking to the OGT ethos and/or products

A simple response to the prompt we’ve asked thousands around the world - What does is mean to live life Golden? What is your self-care tip for humanity?

B-Roll of beautiful nature (drone footage is a plus!) to weave into our narratives

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