nature’s preferred shirt for high-vibe brands & bands

A branded anthem campaign

Are you a brand or band up to good in the world, wishing to deeply connect with your fans?

We believe conscious business can be force for social good.

introducing your new uniform: The Golden Tree Shirt with your soul story woven within.

OGThread has got yours.

(1) Apply to the collective

If you are a conscious business or artist that feels more like a cause, join our material movement. This is sustainable slow fashion, not disposable promo merch.


(2) We tell your aligned story

It's what's inside that counts. So the inside neck is where share the soul story for what your brand stands.


(3) Brand swag elevates to fan swagger

Your customers, fans and employees rock more in love with your mission as they roll in their everyday wardrobe staple.



sustainably caring for our planet in your company's name

Sustainability can be decidedly sexy.

A brand co-lab

"OGT is my brand's new uniform."

- Joel Einhorn, CEO Hanah, the Superfood Company

your fan's absolute favorite tee to live in, sleep in and make love to life in, with your company ethos in the inside neck -every time they get dressed.


your branded tees are unisexy