Our reimagined eco-luxe take on the classic Tee. 
This super-nature blend of regenerative beech tree fiber provides a "stretch to fit" to perfectly conform to your form. Second skin softness, for-life durability.
... Gents, caution for rampant girlfriend thievery - buy two.


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every PURCHASE plants a tree


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Smiling man sitting casually with hand on head, wearing a pink shirt and white pants.


The word 'ethos' in lowercase black serif font on a white background.
Logo with 'TRAVELFREAK' in bold uppercase letters, with stylized mountain peaks above the letter A.
Man with curly hair wearing an olive green v-neck t-shirt, looking to the side.

Eco-Luxe Fabric

Featuring our ridiculously soft regenerative Beech tree fiber for a luxuriously soft, anti-microbial fabric that stands the test of time. This will be the most stylish, softest shirt you'll ever own, "guarantreed". Don't take our word for it, peruse our 5-star reviews.

A tree is planted in your name for every purchase.

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Man standing in front of a bathroom mirror touching his reflection.

Reimagined Tee Design

Featuring an elongating fitted design, longer bicep-hugging sleeves, an open-cut neck, and a c-hem design for easy pocket access. The raw stitches add an authentic touch. Roll up the sleeves or keep them down - the choice is yours. It's a tee that suits any adventure.

Your Tree Shirt comes tied with a golden thread, to tie on your wrist or another's to remind of the gold that resides inside.

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'Man looking at his reflection in a bathroom mirror while buttoning his shirt.'
Man in a gray shirt and black pants looking over his shoulder.


Choose your adventure: One side a clean crisp classic look, and flip it as an overlocked stitched tee to rock in confidence. Either way, it's a golden vibe. (Care label has been removed for your reversibility).

Designed by a man for himself, and gender inclusive for however you identify.


Man in a gray t-shirt seen from the back, standing against a gray background.


Rock as is - currently slightly longer than a traditional crew at waistline - or conform to your form; you can stretch up to 2 extra inches in length for a longer look, the same in width.

A golden thread weaves through your shirt—a subtle connection cue to others in the community.

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Man in a gray T-shirt and black pants viewed from the back.
Man in black t-shirt posing with hand on head, tattoo visible on arm.


Experience your consumer power by investing in:

  • Premium, long-lasting quality products.

  • Fabric sourced from regeneratively grown materials.

  • Non-toxic & biodegradable woven materials.

  • Living wages, ethically made, transparent supply chain.

  • Reusable non-plastic packaging

  • Re-planting more trees than used.

  • Products made with love.