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To just breathe.

Free, beyond fear, within our new reality.

We are invited to shed our inner masks as a humanity.

United over divided, can we see the beauty?

Our true inner-nature revealed,

wearing masks in solidarity.

We invite individual citizens, and leaders of conscious companies, communities, causes, collectives to join our Masks of Solidarity Campaign.

We offer a comfortable, wearable, washable, stylish solution for compliance and safety. For what's mandatory now, and versatile and stylish for life.

For every nature face wrap you purchase, we’ll plant a tree to nurture our Nature.

Get your individual face wraps here.

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The mission of our For Benefit is to clothe the world cozy and golden without wrecking the planet. Hand-crafted, nature-sourced, made in LA, we design style and comfort to remind a golden world begins within - you.

With (self + shared) love, better together, we've got this.


Jeff Scult
Creator | Catalyst
sacred earth wear

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