Coconut Massage Candle
Coconut Massage Candle
Coconut Massage Candle
Coconut Massage Candle

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Life is for the sensuous. Light up the room. Love up your love.

Our hand-crafted Oud-scented candle made from pure Coconut Oil melts into a warm, luxurious, sensuous massage your skin will deliciously feel.

Three words:

De. Li. Cious.

First Small Batch: Just 22 created.

As you receive your light, know your massage candle was hand-crafted in LA through our golden partnership with Light 4 Life, an exceptional cause employing individuals living with a disability. So very golden.


  • Hand-crafted in LA with a rich formula of skin-conditioning coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin e, mixed with beeswax, soy & apricot oil, therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Slow burns for longevity with alluring dark fragrance with notes that are deep & woody. There are hints of Vanilla and Tobacco over a base of Oud to fragrant your room as sweet, rich and exotic.
  • Dip fingers and enjoy warm coconut oil for soothing massage that will leave your skin deeply nourished and conditioned.
  • Massage wax when burning is warm - not hot - and easy to dip your finger next to flame.
  • Your candle was proudly co-created for One Golden Thread by luxury candle maker Sofia Elidrissi, who has been crafting candles and decorating homes and landmark hotels for the past 12 years in Los Angeles, Paris, and Morocco.


We asked ourselves, "As life is for the sensuous, why stop at clothing?"

Surprise and delight with a living room organically-created Oud-scented candle that brings heat to the bedroom with a sensual massage candle that your skin will deliciously feel.

Take your massage game to 11.

Enjoy the journey. And yes, cue the Barry White Music.

Customer Reviews

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Beauty in scent and feel

I really enjoy the wonderful scent from this candle and using the oil brings the scent even closer. This will be a mainstay in my candle rotation.

Jeff Scult
one golden candle for our one golden fam

I reflect to the “prequel” origin days of one golden thread in early 2016 - long before there was clothing - scribbling this vision and mission statement on a notepad that set our course:

“To be a ‘seven-sense sensuous living company’, creating and curating artisan products, naturally sourced, designed to remind that we are each already golden inside, deepening connection in love to self, others, and our planet.”

While the words we speak now might be slightly different, this original vision and mission is who we are, and who we will always be.

Touching on the “seven sense” (the five we know, and the sixth of intuition, and the seventh, just love), and why I write the above in relation to the introduction of our candle:

From day one, I knew I wanted to offer our tribe a special candle. To light a room. And to create one that would double as a warm massage.

I met Sofia during the pandemic through the one golden thread muse Yasmina. And the rest is history. Her attention to nuance. The value of her skin-natural ingredients. And her broader mission of celebrating all humans, including those with disability in the making of this candle. It all spoke to my heart.

For those that choose this offering, I invite you to feel the pure nature, as your coconut candle lights your room, sensuously, warmingly, loving up your life.

Enjoy the warm journey. So golden.

Jeff Scult
OGT Designer | Founder