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What is One Golden Thread?

One Golden Thread is a For Benefit, expressed as a regenerative nature fashion brand.

We stand for owning fewer things to love more, cozy comfort, effortless style, and Earth ethics, believing that we can choose to live compromise free, to look good | feel golden | do good.  

What is One Golden Thread's Mission?

To ethically clothe the world golden, with a regenerative model to give back more than it takes to create the clothes we make.

Golden origins story?

One Golden Thread was not intended as a clothing company.

Founded by evolving entrepreneur Jeff Scult in 2016 as a For Benefit to promote a golden message of positivity, clothing was a natural catalyst to create a net positive impact for people and planet.

We passionately create regenerative clothing that soothes bodies, inspires connection with self and others.

Devoted to Inner | Outer Nature, we believe in regeneration. Every nature-sourced purchase plants a tree, exponentially.

a founder's why?

Reverence of nature has always been central to One Golden Founder Jeff Scult's DNA and upbringing led by his nature-alist father Mort. Conceived on the river bank of Arizona's Havasupai Indian Reservation, Jeff's artist mother brought nature inside their home through a legacy of interweaving nature with human body in sculptural, photographic and drawing form.

After a life spent in service to other creatives, Jeff awoke in his 50's realizing he had an creative expression waiting to be unleashed to share, and through his love of effortless style, was called to infuse nature x clothing x a golden message x positive impact, to stand in greater integrity as a living legacy to himself. And, in loving tribute to his mother's art nature inspiration, her life legacy continues to weave through Jeff's artistic creations.


What fabrics/materials does One Golden Thread use in their clothing?

It has been said Fashion is an industry with the power to inform culture and identity.

We are looking to simply mirror what is ripe and real, and our mantra was to seek a fabric solution that begins with the re-education of our largest organ - our skin - and its ability to feel.

Our fabric blend is super natureal, and feels like a second skin, a part of you, to breathe, to hug, to live in.

One Golden Thread uses a blend of two of the most luxurious and ethical natural elements from nature, Lenzing Micro-Modal and Supima Cotton.

Our philosophy is to design with nature in mind, good from Earth, maintaining our human connection to nature. We also design with the end in mind, materials that will naturally biodegrade back to Earth.

Hallmarks of our Golden Threaded fabric is durability, sublime softness and breathability - you are a tree of life.

Where is your material made?

Our golden threaded fabric is spun outside of Los Angeles, an ethical blend of regenerative tree fibers and the top 1% of Cotton. Transparency is visibility, here are our original luxurious original sources:

TENCEL MICRO MODAL. Our Micro-Modal fiber is from the incredible Austrian nature-centric innovation company, Lenzing, which ethically sources wood chip fiber from regenerative Eucalyptus and Beech forests in Europe.

SUPIMA COTTON: Supima Cotton comes from from California family farms that use innovation technology to harvest the best quality cotton in the world with maximum softness and durability.

Blended together, it feels like either Nature's Cashmere (in our fleece fabric) or a baby's bottom second skin (our jersey fabric).

What is Micro modal?

In simple terms, Micro Modal is viscose, a cellulosic fibre made from wood pulp. Thus, Micro Modal is a botanic fiber from nature.

The question to ask is about supply chain, as not all Viscose is sourced and created equally. Dirty fashion investigations have found clear evidence of viscose producers sourcing old growth forests (versus regenerative trees), dumping untreated wastewater, contaminating waterways and ecosystems, and causing severe health impacts to local communities.

Conversely, if harvested from regenerative Eucalyptus and Beech trees, and produced in a closed loop manufacturing process, the sourcing and process can be eco-friendly and safe for the environment. It's more expensive and challenging to engage, yet dramatically lessens the true cost of planetary waste which has been an ugly signature of fashion for 70 years since the advent of plastics and synthetics.

What are the benefits of BLENDING TENCEL Micro modal?

Our TENCEL Micro Modal is sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and PEFC. Ethics and transparency are central to our ethos: No old growth forests will ever be harmed in the creation of our clothing.

  • TENCEL Micro Modal, by Lenzing, adheres to much stricter standards and uses very few chemicals compared to the product of rayon, bamboo and many other fibers.
  • Lenzing uses 85% renewable energy in its Plant, requires 20x less water than Cotton producers, and has a water desalination process to return the water used in production to its rivers, fish safe.
  • TENCEL Micro Modal is softer than silk and cooler than linen.
  • TENCEL Micro Modal absorbs 70% more moisture than cotton in a controlled manner and then quickly releases it to provide the perfect dry sleeping environment. This property of the fiber reduces bacterial growth without the addition of chemicals (it is nearly impossible for bacteria to grow on the fiber).
  • TENCEL Micro Modal is naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Even though TENCEL Micro Modal is a natural fiber it is still easily machine washable. Actually gets softer the more you wash it.
  • The solvent spinning production process allows for a unique closed loop production where the solvent used is recycled by almost 100%.

We are proud to blend Lenzing's TENCEL Micro Modal, which we see as the luxury fiber of the future, now.

What is Supima Cotton?

Supima is a trademarked brand of the extra-long staple (ELS) Pima cotton fiber is grown exclusively in American soil. It represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world, and is considered the top of the Cotton "food chain" ~ the Cashmere of Cotton. Known for its extra-long staple fiber, it gives the cotton its premium properties: Strength, Softness and Color retention. The yarn length of Supima cotton ensures smoother surfaces that make for softest fabrics that are resistant to pilling.

What are the benefits of Supima Cotton?

  • Supima Cotton represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world. What makes Supima unique to other cottons is the extra-long staple fiber that gives the cotton its premium properties: Strength, Softness and Color retention.
  • The longer staple qualities of Supima Cotton contribute to the strength and softness of apparel and home products, ensuring that they are more comfortable, retain color longer and resist pilling over time.
  • Supima cotton is farmed using state-of-the-art technology and processes. From GPS navigation used on tractors to plant and harvest the cotton, to satellite technology and soil monitors, Supima farmers ensure they are growing the best quality cotton in the world with as little impact on the environment as possible.

How do I care for my One Golden Thread items?

Typically luxurious fabrics must be dry cleaned or hand-washed and hang dried.

We are thrilled to share that you may machine wash your One Golden Thread clothes, and even tumble dry low.

Just wash with other other natural fibers, which means no polyester synthetics. Our fabrics are nature, and nature absorbs what we give it, thus is best plastic-free.

No bleach. Low iron if needed.

And, as our "self-care" label shares, also "Hydrate, smile, breath, love, and just go hug yourself."

What do i need to know about my Nature face wrap?

Our objective was to create a waste-free, versatile-for-life, nature-sourced product to obtain the self-selected layer(s) of protection one may wish, while providing maximum comfort and breathability to enjoy life. All with a dash of style.

The design allows wearing around neck as a fashion accent, and forgetting about it. When needed, simply pull up to wear over nose and mouth.

Notice a top "V" pocket on the face wrap, a double layer of tree fiber fabric. This pocket is for two reasons:

(1) As a DYI, you may insert even a "coffee filter" inside to serve as an added layer for those that wish that.

(2) In places where social distancing is possible or you are on a hike and wish to comply, you can pull down the top flap for a single sheer, ultra-breathable, layer.

The benefit of a tight face seal:

Experts address the challenge with many synthetic masks is the lack of a tight face seal, as droplets can escape down through the neck. OGT's fabric is naturally stretchy, and one can tie with precision to obtain a snug face seal - and neck - that is perfect for you.

Options for those who wish greater coverage:

You will notice that we created this as an oversized bandana. For those who wish more that two layers of protection, and opt not to insert a DIY filter, simply fold the fabric from the bottom the top, and now you have three layers of natural fabric to breathe through.

Other benefits:

The fabric is 95% ultra-luxe, all nature fabric from regenerative Beechwood trees, Tencel Micro Modal. So imagine breathing through Nature's Air Filter. We blend 5% spandex for the ultra stretchy fabric that allows for snug face seal.

The fabric is anti-microbial, sweat-wicking, and feels like a second skin. We believe in maximum comfort in this discomfort.


This wrap triples as a Crown Wrap, and when washed, a delicious sleep eye mask.

Care and Washing:

Machine wash with other natural fabrics and fibers, and you may tumble dry. This is nature, so wash with other natural things versus synthetic fibers.

All sales final:

Due the nature of these products and our times, all sales on the face wrap are final and no returns or exchanges are accepted.

Your impact and regenerosity:

Every purchase plants a tree in 2020. Also, in purchasing this versus a single use, synthetic mask, you are contributing to a waste-free world. Thank you for joining regeneration.

Be safe, and stay comfortable, with style, in this discomfort.


What makes One Golden Thread eco-ethical?

We focus on sustainably-sourced, ethically-harvested materials, with production practices that minimize waste to create good for you and good for earth clothing that you will feel great in.

To go one step further, One Golden Thread plants a tree for every item purchased.


Regenerative fashion for us means a devotion to two things:

1. Sustainably-sourced, all-natural materials, ethically-harvested from Earth. Designing with the end in mind, that will return to Earth versus clogging landfills and polluting our Ocean.

2. A business model with a give back impact that replenishes at a greater rate than received to create it.

We believe, as an ethos, Sustainability is not the goal, we can all go further to regenerate, soothing our bodies and replenishing our planet.

Why trees?

Trees are the lungs of our planet.

Countless studies have shown that planting trees is the most effective and cheapest way to reverse climate change. We are all trees of life, and with equanimity, plant a tree for every item purchased.

We see a world where all business is a collective force for social and environ impact to give back far more than receive.

Where do you plant trees, and what kind?

We partner with the incredible NGO, One Tree Planted, who reforests on four continents, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Regarding what kind of trees, that is determined by One Tree Planted's agri-scientists of what each region needs to feed both ecological and community benefits. And the list is diverse beyond imagine. For instance, in One Golden Thread's 5,800 tree donation for the Amazon Rainforest between November 2021 - March 2022, the following trees will be planted.

Theobroma cacao L., (Cacao)
Anacardium occidentale L., (Cashew)
Spondias mombin L.,
Spondias purpurea L.,
Annona crassiflora Mart.,
Aspidosperma sp.,
Euterpe oleracea Mart.,
Mauritia flexuosa L.,
Oenocarpus bacaba Mart.,
Handroanthus impetiginosus (Mart. ex DC.) Mattos,
Handroanthus serratifolius (Vahl) S.O.Grose,
Jacaranda caroba (Vell.) DC.,
Tabebuia aurea (Silva Manso) Benth. & Hook.f. ex S.Moore,
Bixa orellana L.,
Trema micrantha (L.) Blume,
Buchenavia sp.,
Mabea fistulifera Mart.,
Anadenanthera peregrina (L.) Speg.,
Clitoria fairchildiana R.A.Howard,
Dipteryx alata Vogel,
Enterolobium contortisiliquum (Vell.) Morong,
Enterolobium timbouva Mart,
Hymenaea courbaril L.,
Inga edulis Mart.,
Inga laurina (Sw.) Willd.,
Machaerium opacum Vogel,
Ormosia paraensis Ducke,
Pterodon emarginatus Vogel,
Senegalia polyphylla (DC.) Britton,
Apeiba tibourbou Aubl.,
Guazuma ulmifolia Lam.,
Sterculia striata A. St.-Hil. & Naudin,
Theobroma grandiflorum (Willd. ex Spreng.) K.Schum.,
Byrsonima crassifolia (L.) Kunth,
Cedrela fissilis Vell.,
Swietenia macrophylla King,
Genipa americana L.,
Zanthoxylum sp.,
Magonia pubescens A. St.-Hil.,
Talisia esculenta (A. St.-Hil.) Radlk.,
Cecropia pachystachya Trécul,
Vochysia sp.
Anyone who can recite this list from memory wins a free duster :)


What makes One Golden Thread eco-ethical?


  • We commit to only using Beech and Eucalyptus Trees through our origins sourcing of only Lenzing Micro Modal fibers. This is ethically of importance given that Beech and Eucalyptus are single root system trees that will regrow on their own, similar to Bamboo. Our Lenzing Micro Modal is sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and PEFC.
  • Our Cotton is Supima, the top 1% of highest-quality long-staple cotton. is considered the "Cashmere of Cotton" due to it's softness and durability, with ecological benefits of low water depletion, low chemical impact.
  • We use non-reactive dyes for our clothing, the safest wearable dye to protect against allergic reaction. Our process includes emulsifiers to clean up the extraneous dyes and we use non ionic softener to also cleanse any run off. We are exploring plant based dyes yet they tend to bleed. The entire industry is looking for improved solutions on dyeing, and we are open to continue learning and exploring.
  • If we print, we use either digital wet, or water-based eco inks, the lowest print impact on waste and environment.
  • We don't "polybag" our items, and we ship plastic free.


  • Manufactured in Los Angeles and Mexico, the hands that touch and sew your garments are paid a fair wage in healthy working environments.


  • We design with the end in mind, products made good from Earth, and whether washed or tossed, made to not harm Earth or plasticize our Ocean.
  • We design to remind, you are always golden inside.

What is our regenerative "1 X 108" impact?

To explain our 1 x 108 model:

  • From one regenerative Beech or Eucalyptus Tree, a manufacturer can make (at least) 108 apparel items. (Source: Lenzing).
  • Every One Golden Thread purchase corresponds to a newly planted tree.
  • Thus, 1 (regenerative tree source) x 108 (purchases | newly planted trees).


Where do you plant trees, and what kind?

We partner with the incredible NGO, One Tree Planted, who reforests on four continents. Our intent for 2020 reforestation is to participate in specific tree-planting initiatives in areas OGT tribe resides, as we would love to create invitation events where OGT purchase can convene our hands in the soil of congruence. Regarding what kind of trees, that is determined by One Tree Planted's agri-scientists of what each region needs.

How long will it take to receive my item?

Typically we ship out orders within 48 hours of them being placed. Once you place an order we will send you tracking information via email that will give you an estimated arrival date. If you need something expedited reach out to us at and we will see how we can help you.

What is One Golden Thread’s return policy?

We hope that you love your purchase from One Golden Thread. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we accept returns within 14 days of the original purchase.  

Merchandise must be unworn, unwashed and in its original condition with all tags attached.  

The exception is the face wrap, where all sales are final. Due the nature of these products and our times, we do not accept returns or exchanges on the face wrap.

Refunds will be made in the form of original payment within two weeks of receiving the goods back in our warehouse. Any orders under $100 will be subject to a $9.00 restocking fee which we be deducted from the refund. Customer to pay the cost of shipping the package back to One Golden Thread via a tracked service.

To see our full return policy, and learn about our exchange policy, see here.


How do I return my item?

Send us an email at and we will provide instructions from there.