merch with meaning for high-vibe brands and bands

meticulously made from nature itself (regenerative trees) and for every tee you buy, we plant a tree in your name.

The real sustain ability is that your fans will live in, sleep and make love to life in this co-branded tee.

And as an expression of your brand, that is pretty golden. 

a uniform for golden living

introducing A new take on sustainability.

From regenerative Trees


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planted trees


(this is an infographic above)

if you wish to understand for what we stand, click on the dump or earth below to learn more.

We can do better than disposable swag.

we offer sustainable swagger.


(1) Apply to our tree shirt collective

Are you a conscious business who feels more like a cause, a cause with a mission celeb, an artist or musician that moves us as much with your message as your music? 

If yes, let's make a material difference together.

Pick a style 

Pick your color

 (2) We tell our aligned story together.

It's what's inside that counts. And that's where we tell your story of how your brand weaves the thread that unites us all.

(3) Brand swag elevates to fan swagger.

Your customers, fans and employees fall more deeply in love with your mission, as they wear it on their backs.

One tree shirt = one newly planted tree

in your company's name.

For every purchase of our tree shirt or another offering, one tree is planted globally in your company’s name by a child learning to lead with love about our human ability to sustain.


fans hugging your brand

We've moved beyond a competitive advantage to architect a collective advantage, an anthem campaign where  human race who believes our rising tide lifts all ships?

A tree shirt collective: Every branch on the tree is like a different shirt. Every brand that takes a stand for human kind.


We stand for business as a force for global good.

tree shirts....nature's got your back.

A new take on sustain ability. 

Make it their favorite.

A message to share as a conversation piece.

Make it mean something.

Pay it forward. A ground-breaking tee, as for every tee sold, we plant another tree, through school age kids.


Hug your brand. 


join our tree shirt anthem campaign

Can one t-shirt change the world?


you and our tree shirt collective just might.

We have created what we humbly proclaim as the world's most sustainable tee.

yes, it's