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Excellent for daily use as a face and body moisturizer, and hair and beard oil, perfect for a refresher, massage, and ideal for traveling, festivals. Great to wear, and the dropper makes it easy to share.

One rub leaves you smelling like an insta-spa; expect friends to greet you with a long comfortable hug, asking “what are you wearing?” Only organic ingredients carefully sourced, wild-crafted Carrot Seed Oil, synergized alongside Organic Coconut Oil are known to protect skin from harmful environmental damages like the summer sun.

We’ve always seen 7 senses; the five we know, the sixth we believe (intuition), and the 7th of self-love, a connection to our individual unique nature which opens us to both our power and our peace. It is widely thought that smell is our most powerful sense, and a smell can bring us "back to self" most quickly.

Note: Not intended for ingestion or inner-use. Just outer love, to breathe in yours. Prepare for others to greet you with a slightly long comfortable hug. That's pretty golden.