Golden Thread Activation Bag

Golden Thread Activation Bag

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Wearing the golden thread is a simple reminder for you that you are always golden.

Each wrist represents what is unique and true for you. Choose your wrist to based on what you wish to lead you from within. It is not an either or, both speak to and unlock each other:

Choose your left wrist, your peace allows your power.

Choose your right wrist, your power amplifies your peace.

Comes with 11 golden threads to tie as bracelets.

With digital devices in our hands, we are being culturized into reaction versus embodied proaction. Seeing to golden thread on your wrist just might remind you that you’re golden when you forget for that moment. We can all use the reminder from time to Included are three (3) golden threads. One for you, one for someone you love, and one for perhaps a random act of golden. You never know someone’s story. What they are going through. What they may be igniting. We celebrate all of it.

We have participated in conscious events as welcome wearables bands, and activated micro-communities, as we see the golden thread weaves through all of us. contact us at

Thousands of golden threads have been tied on wrists around the globe, inviting one inside themselves to answer the question:What does it mean to live live golden? The answers have been profound. Visit our tribe page for the inspiration. Learn how to tie the threads and share the love.



100% feel good guarantee

We guarantee that you will be astonished by One Golden Thread or we promise to give your money back fully within 30 days of purchase. Our customer service team is always here to make things right.

comfort threads fashioned by nature

Hallmarks of our golden threaded fabric are a second-skin feeling connectedness, breathability, durability, and all-natural antimicrobial quality.

ethically handmade

Our unique pieces are handmade in small batches by our golden fam, supported by ethically sourced facilities outside of US. Fair wages. Human-Centric. Always. Period.

regeneration beyond sustainability

We aim to reimagine fashion and unpollute the earth through our regeneration model. We give back 108 times what we take from nature.

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One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company
One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company

For The Conscious Collective

“The love that you are is the love that we are, I am golden, we are all connected as One Golden Thread.

Lead with love. Be joyful. Live curious, adventure to discover, lifting life, as animals of life-lovers…”

by jeff scult