Mural Wrap - Majeyec x OGT

Mural Wrap - Majeyec x OGT

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I am devoted to uplifting your humaness with golden light." - MajeyeC



This intentional piece was created by a divinity alchemist, the artist Majeyec.

Birthed as a portal mural painted by Majeyec to activate the One Golden Atelier in DTLA Arts, with mixed crystals and a community message hidden beneath, then transmuted into this wearable art piece in sacred collaboration.

Follow the golden thread by clicking on "The Art" below to fully appreciate the intentionality of this super-nature tree fiber creation.

Feel the feeling of wrapping yourself in unconditional love.

Majeyec, a creative channel of embodied love, compassion, and light, brings heart-centered alchemy to everything he weaves.

"Reflect Infinity" invites the wearer to step with fullest expression of divinity within self, the power of transformation to feel the interconnectedness of all things.

This channeled piece is quite literally magic.

"Welcome to a hug from the universe. I believe in symbols. This tapestry of symbols invites you to break free of the illusion of separation, sharing unification, through all cultures and modalities, reminding we are all part of the same story. All connected, the divine thread that connects us all.

You will see the Lotus, which is to ground the light, divinity of heaven on Earth. We are blooming. The crown activation is the transmitter of the messages, holding all the elements. The sun, the moon, the alchemy. Gold and siliver, masculine and feminine. The seven pointed stars represent magic of love, representing the energy being received from all directions - north, south, east, west, and from within. From the center point, is the heart. The diamond elements honor Native American culture as the medicine we are giving people, the golden unconditional love.

And the mystical 108 symbol, from One Golden Thread, is a reflection of all. A symbol of sacred, the eternal symbol, the masculine is the straight line, the circle is the feminine, and the 8 is the eternal. The numbers add up to 9, which is eternal.

Said differently, this piece is a mirror - of YOU."

- Majeyec

  • Measures 78" x 52"
  • Made of regenerative Beech tree fiber blended with the top 1% of ethical Cotton
  • 108 uses of versatility for wearability and decor
  • Feels like plant-based silk, acts like a second skin of comfort and protection
  • Impossibly soft, durable, breathable, naturally antimicrobial & lightweight
  • Features two hidden slip pockets
  • Thoughtfully eco-printed & hand-dyed golden
  • Extreme limited edition first run
  • Washing machine safe & tumble dry
  • Every purchase plants a tree

This is a super-nature item. Machine wash with only natural detergents and other natural fibers. Tumble dry or air dry in nature.


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One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company
One Golden Thread is a registered Public Benefit Company