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What does golden smell like?

We think we have an idea. Welcome to a scent that's delicious, all natural, and very unisexy.

In Collaboration with Fern Olivia, we are proud to offer our scent. With a base of wild-crafted Carrot Seed Oil, synergized alongside Organic Coconut Oil, excellent for daily use as a face and body moisturizer, a hair and beard refresh, this essential oil blends cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and we add a drop of Palo Santo as a perfect for a refresher, massage, and ideal for traveling, festivals. Great to wear, and the dropper makes it easy to share.

Note: If the clothes you received from One Golden Thread smelled as good as they felt, it's because we dusted with our scent.

One rub leaves you smelling like an insta-spa; expect friends to greet you with a long comfortable hug, asking “what are you wearing?”

Beyond the yummy scent, Carrot Seed Oil is renowned known to protect skin from harmful environmental damages like the summer sun.

It is widely thought that smell is our most powerful sense, and a smell can bring us "back to self" most quickly. Welcome home, again and again. The never ending happy ending.

Note: Not intended for ingestion or inner-use. Just outer love, to breathe in yours. Prepare for others to greet you with a slightly long comfortable hug. That's pretty golden.

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